Humiliated husband pt2

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Humiliated husband pt2Max was very busy hand washing all of Tonya’s underwear and lingerie in the kitchen sink. He dipped a pair of her panties in the clean rinse water dunking them several times before twisting them and squeezing out the excess water. He then placed them in the clothes basket on the counter.Tonya insisted he wear 6″ heels around the house especially when doing his chores. After all 6″ heels are what sissies wore. Not just because they made his legs look sexy and feminine but also because they became very uncomfortable very quickly. The balls of his feet ached as did his shins from the high arching of his feet. This made him work quicker so he could get off his feet for a little bit. He was also wearing a pink little girl’s design dress with white petticoats.”Max darling,” Tonya said entering the kitchen with a dress in her hands. “I need you to iron this for me when you are finished with underwear. I think this one is the one I am going to wear tonight, or do you like this one better?” she said holding up a sexy short black dress for him to see.”Tonya, you promised me if I acted like this at home you would stop seeing other men,” he whined looking to her pleadingly.”No, that’s not what I said Max. I don’t want you acting sweetie. I said I would try and be more sympathetic to your concerns about me seeing other men if you accepted being what you really are. A sissy. I still need to be fucked by a real man Max. I have desires of a woman you know. Now which one would you wear tonight?” she said holding them both up now.”Where are you going?” he said softly.”Max, if you must know, I am meeting the girls at the club. Todd will be there I’m sure and Lisa said he was bringing a friend along tonight. Just some drinks, dancing and maybe a little snuggling and kissing in the corners. That’s all baby.”She now handed him one of the dresses. It was the black one.”Tonya,” he looked at her surprised.”Max, relax. Here put your hands up by your shoulders and let your wrist hang limp out the side,” she said giving him an exaggerated example of what she was talking about.She gently posed him with both wrist hanging limp. She held his red manicured fingers for a moment. She then stepped back and looked at him.”Now flap your fingers up and down like a little bird for me. Faster. There, and wiggle your toes for me. That is much better. Don’t you feel better now? Honey you are a sissy you need to act like one. You are getting too wound up in your masculinity again sweetie. Do I need to help you with that again?” she said raising an eyebrow of seriousness. “Is that thing hanging between your legs making you feel embarrassed about how you dress and act again?””No Tonya. I need you to……..””Hush! Finish washing my panties and bras and get it hung out on the clothesline. Once they are dry I want them all ironed, and this dress too. Understood?” she said gently touching his cheek. “Get the kitchen straightened up and the bathrooms cleaned too.”Max finished washing Tanya’s underwear and carried the basket outside to the clothesline. He hurried out to get done as fast as he could. His hair was split into high pigtails on the back corners of his head. Each pigtail had six wire brush curlers in it so they would be appropriately curly later in the day. He wore the frilly pink little girl party dress and hoped no one saw him before he was finished. He hurriedly pinned the her under garments up on the line and sashayed in on his high heels.When Max had finished his chores he relaxed in a nice bubble bath. Tanya came in unexpectedly and hung a full pink enema bag on the shower curtain rod. The bag was bloated with warm soapy water.”Having a nice bath?” she said pleasantly.”Tanya. No,” he said looking up at the bloated bag of warm soapy water.”Hush,” she said. Tanya just turned and left the room.”TANYA,” he said looking at the shiny pink bag.Tanya returned a few minutes later stepped into the bathroom and closed the door.”Tanya, why?” he whined as she had him get on his hands and knees in the tub.”C’mon Max sissy boys like this kind of thing,” she giggled taking the nozzle and spreading his düzce escort butt cheeks apart. “Put your head on the tub honey and raise you butt up higher. That’s it.”She eased the nozzle into his bottom. She put her hand on the back of Max’s neck and then turned the nozzle. Max tried to raise up when he felt the initial flow of water in his ass, but she held him down.”Now just stay like that till the bag is empty,” she said pulling her panties down and taking a seat on the toilet. She might as well take care of her business while she waited.Twenty minutes later the enema the bag hung empty from the shower curtain. Tanya helped Max out of the tub, he was bloated with the enema water, and sat him on the toilet. Max had protested the enema, but Tanya administered the enema for her own reasons. It was now done.Later Max entered the living room and Tanya asked him to have a seat beside her. She removed the curlers form his hair and twirled the curls of his pigtails on her finger.”Max,” she said gently, “I love you honey and I want you to be happy. That’s why I try so hard to help you realize and accept that you really are a sissy fagot.””This is not me Tanya. I have desires for you. I want to be your man. Please, understand that. Why do you want me dressed like a little girl?””I do understand Max. It tells me you are having trouble coping with the reality of being a sissy fag. Listen sweetie, just because you have a penis and testicles doesn’t mean you are not suppose to dress like a little sissy. Maybe it would be best if we had your dick fixed where it didn’t get erect anymore. You are not dressed like a girl honey, you are dressed like a sissy. It doesn’t mean you can’t desire women, but honey you can’t have relations with women any more. See, honey you need to accept that though you feel desires for women, you need to focus more on men.””No Tanya,” he said teary eyed.”Baby, I have gotten you a few gay magazines. They are full of pictures of men having sex and sucking each others dicks.””What? I don’t want those. That is not me,” he said disgusted.”Max. Do I need to tie you down and massage your testicles for awhile. Hmmm? Show you what your sissy testicles are really for.” she said looking a little more serious. “Give them a nice squeeze and roll them together in the palms of my hands?””No. Please don’t do that again.” he said shaking his head. “I don’t find men attractive. It’s not my nature.” he pleaded softly.”Max, listen baby. I have arranged for two men to meet us next week. They are good looking too by the way. They know you are a sissy and they want help you through your confusion.””I’m not confused.”She put her hand on his thigh and gave him a gentle smile.”It will be a special day. I’m going to want you to turn around on the couch and put your legs up over the back.””No,” he whined again knowing now what she was getting at..”Put your hands under your bottom and let your head lay back off the edge of the cushions like a proper sissy.””No.” Max was now tearing up shaking his head no.”Then I want you to open your mouth wide, I’ll paint those lips a fire red, and you will let these men put there dicks in your mouth and have their way with you. That’s what they are coming here to do next week.””I’m not doing it Tonya. I don’t want to have a sexual relations with a man.””I’m not asking you what you want Max. I’m telling you what you’re going to do. You’re doing it for me baby.””No,” he whined.”She said nothing.”Why do you want me to do this Tonya?” he asked as a few tears ran down his face. “It’s degrading to me.””Because you need to do this Max. You are a sissy honey and sissies suck other men’s dicks. You will feel much better about yourself and the way you dress after you have done this.””I’m not a sissy, why won’t you acknowledge that Tanya?” he snapped.”I
will be sitting right here next to you like I am now. I’ll even hold your hand,” she said ignoring him.”I can’t.”Sweetie, you have a week to get ready. It will be just fine. You’ve given a couple of hand jobs before and the guys enjoyed that.”The handjobs had not been free. In addition to the total humiliation he escort düzce felt dressed in a frilly dress while masturbating those men, he also had to pay them $50.00 each for allowing him to masturbate them.”Now, I want you to spend time looking through your new gay magazines.” She picked one up and opened it. “Look Max. Look at the size of the dick that man has his lips around, and he’s not ashamed of what he’s doing at all. In fact he looks like he enjoys it. See baby you will too once you do it a few times.””Stop it!” He pushed the magazine away.”That’s enough Max. I’m going to get dressed now for my date. I am very disappointed with your attitude. I think when I get home tonight I’m going to give you a testicle massage.””NO,” Max said standing and stumbling back in his high heels.”I expect you to be in bed, no panties on. Have the lube and plastic gloves on the nightstand where I can easily find them. Of course have the handcuff and ankle manacles hooked to the bed headboard already when I get here.””Tonya please. I’ll look at the magazines. I’m just not this fag you keep insisting I become for you.””It’s more than that Max. You haven’t accepted responsibility for the fact you are a sissy yet. You should be excited about those two men coming over here and doing this for you. You shouldn’t react to pussy and titties like a man does.” she said unbuttoning her blouse.Tanya undressed right in front of Max. She was completely naked when she had him sit back down. She put her hand behind his head.Tanya rubbed her nipples across his face and then his lips. She gave him a very sensuous look and pressed her breast hard against his lips, but he knew better than to move his lips.”You know Max, in a couple of hours a real man is going to be sucking on these nipples and making my toes curl under with desire, while my husband sits at home looking through his gay magazines and masturbates.”His eyes closed when she made that statement. She stood up and looked at his penis that was now almost erect.”That’s what I thought.” she said backing away and sounding a bit disgusted at what she saw. “Come along with me”Tanya took Max into their bedroom and stood him facing the corner like some c***d.”Put your palms together behind your back Max, fingers down.”Max did as he was instructed.”Now you just stand there like that while I get dressed. You shouldn’t be having erections over women’s titties. You should be desiring women’s titties of your own.”As Tonya was leaving she stepped back in the bedroom where Max was still standing in the corner.”Have the lube and gloves ready when I get home.”Tanya came very early in the morning. It was very apparent she had a good time. Max heard her heels on the hard floors as she walked across the house to the bedroom and came in. It was dark and the lights were out.”Hi Max,” she said walking over to the side of the bed. “Did you have a good evening masturbating with your boy magazines?” she asked.”Tonya, I looked at them but I……….””But you couldn’t masturbate? Still letting these things hanging between your legs define who you are.” she said.”Please Tonya,” he almost begged.”I had a very good time. The man I met was a lot of fun. We danced and made out. We did go out to his truck early on and I sucked his dick and finished him off with a handjob.”Max just grimaced at what she was saying.”Well, at the end of the night we were all worked up again, so I let him fuck me in his pick up truck. Oh Max it was a really good fucking to. I had an orgasm before he did. Mmmm! That’s the way it should be.”She looked around the room.”Are you ready you get started?” she asked. I’m really tired and want to get this over with.””Tonya, you don’t have to do this.”Tonya pulled his arms over his head and cuffed his wrist to the brass post. She then pulled his foot up over his head an attached his ankles to each of the corner post. This left his penis and testicle exposed hanging above his ass.Tonya sat down on the bed and crossed her legs and started putting the gloves on.”You know Max I don’t like having to do this to you, but you have to let those masculine feeling go.””Tanya….”She düzce escort bayan looked at him as she put the other glove on.”I am your wife and your are my sissy husband. So tell me why do you look at girls? What’s the acceptable reasons?” she asked holding the lube bottle in her hand as she waited.”Because, I am……….I am looking at her dress?” he said unable to say the demeaning truth.”You are checking out her nail polish color, and her shoes, as well as her dress, earrings and things like that, not to see how sexy she looks but because you are wondering how nice you would look wearing those things.” She looked at him now as she squirted the lubricant in her hand.”Do you want to suck a man’s dick now?” she asked very matter of fact.”I don’t think……”He hesitated when he felt her rubbing the lubricant all over his testicles.”Yes. Yes I do,” he said frantically knowing what she was about to do..”So you will cooperated when these young men show up?” she asked again the lubricant being spread more aggressively.”Yes Tanya, please don’t do this.””Are you a sissy Max?””Yes,” he said softly.”Then why are you fighting me. My little sissy boy is going to suck some dicks.” She took the ball gag from the night stand and wrapped it around his head filling his mouth with the red ball. She the placed a pillow gently over his face to muffle even more his gagged voice.She then picked up her cell phone and dialed up the guy she had just spent the evening out with. In a very low and seductive voice she said,”Hello Frank, I missed you all the way home.”As Tonya spoke she squeezed Max’s testicles firmly and rolled them in her fingers with both hands. Back and forth as Max violently pulled at his bonds his legs frantically kicking against the chains that held them over his head.”I would love to be sucking that big cock right now.”She continued the massage of Max’s testicles as she talked.”Oh no Frank my husband wouldn’t care at all. He doesn’t want his dick sucked by me, he’d rather I paint his toenails red like a girl.”Tonya laughed in a way that it was obvious the guy on the phone was laughing with her, as she pulled his lubricated ball sack and let it slide through her fingers.”Well let me put it this way, I leave you and your big cock and I come home to my husband who is asleep with his hair in curlers, and gay magazines on the nightstand. I probably have the only husband that owns a dildo.””UUMMPPHH!!!” Max groaned as she once again squeezed his testicles in her fingers.”Oh yes, he wears curlers to bed almost every night, he even wears them in his hair when does the grocery shopping. He’s such a fag,” she said laughing on the phone. “Now you know why I appreciate what you do for me so much.”She took both of Max’s testicles in her palms now and rolled them vigorously back and forth together. Max strained against his bonds and gave a muted squeal.”I just wanted to tell you thank you so much for fucking me good and hard in the truck before I left. It was wonderful. I had such an orgasm.””No, thank you. Ok. You have a good evening sweetie and we will do it again sometime.”Max was screaming into his gag almost exhausted from all the resistance he was trying but unable to give. Finally she stopped by allowing his balls to slowly slide through lubricated fingers.Max was crying.”Do we need to have a few sissy spankings next week or are we ready to act like the sissy we are now Max.”He shook his head yes.”Good,” she said holding up a used condom full of semen.Tonya removed the gag and turned his head slightly toward her.
She squeezed his cheeks and had him open his mouth. He was still tied up and resistance could cause her to start squeezing his ball all over again.”Let’s not have any problems here Max. This is Frank’s cum from tonight sweetie,” she said putting the end of the rubber inside his open lips.She then slid her fingers down the rubber and emptied out the contents in his mouth.”Swallow it Max,” she said watching him gag trying not to throw up. Max swallowed it in one big gulp, and then sobbed softly.He was released from his bonds and rolled over in his frilly babydoll nightie. He put a pillow between his legs as his balls ached from Tanja’s manipulations.”Get some sleep sissy boy. I want you to be on your best tomorrow.”PS: Love to hear from you all.Big Bob, the answer is yes you may. Email me.

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