I Get Fucked in Public

I knew about a restroom on the ground floor of a building at a local university that was used by men for sex. I had even sucked some cock there and shot a few loads, myself, down a willing throat or two. I was feeling froggy one night when I was there, and I checked out the place. There was a guy in a stall, so I decided to take a risk. I got into the stall next to him, dropped my pants, and sat down. The dividers between the stalls only have peepholes, but they were enough for me to see that he was jerking his cock.

He was a medium-skinned black man, looked middle-aged, so he was probably some faculty or townie guy wanting to get some student dick (I’m a townie). I stroked a bit, myself, and then took a plunge. I whispered to ask if he wanted to be sucked. Like lightning, his lower body was under the stall, and I was working a semi-hard, uncut cock. He already tasted like cum, so he probably had already jerked off or even gotten a blowjob from another guy and was being greedy. That’s cool, I like greedy guys. They understand how to play the game.

Before we go on, I’ll explain what I call “the game”. The game has two roles: Man and cum dumpster. The man has a cock. He wants to cum inside a dumpster’s body. The dumpster wants cum, but he doesn’t want it on him or in a condom. The dumpster wants to be used, totally and completely. The man wins if he can cum without touching the dumpster’s cock. The dumpster wins if he swallows the man’s cum or takes a bareback load. Bareback loads are a bigger win than swallowing, of course.

So, this guy may have been greedy, which made things easier for me. I am a cum dumpster. illegal bahis I adore the role. It is what I was born to be. Greedy guys don’t care if I cum, if I get hard, or even if I enjoy myself. Greedy guys hate condoms. They just want a warm hole to cum into. That’s exactly what I want. My pleasure is his cum.

I started working his semi-hard, cum-smelling cock. I could tell by my wonderful man’s muffled groans that I was doing something right. He got hard after a couple of minutes, but I was happy to have to take the time. When he got hard, I pulled back to jerk his cock and admire it. The head was out of the foreskin, he had a slight downward curve, and he was just beginning to drip. I engulfed his cock in my mouth again and started sucking some more. He was kind and caring enough to begin to fuck my face while I sucked him. This helped more pre-cum fill my mouth, which I swallowed eagerly.

I finally decided to take the plunge and ask him for the ultimate favor and gift. “Would you please fuck me?” is what I said. This wonderful man, with his hard, dripping cock, made my heart leap when he whispered “Yes.” He was going to fuck me. I pulled my pants all the way off to I could spread my legs properly. I wet my fingers and lubed up around my asshole as best I could while turning around. He had pulled himself more through the space under the divider. I began to sit down on his cock.

As I knew it would be, it was pure pleasure for me. It was heaven to feel his head stretching and forcing my asshole. Once his head had pushed its way through, he took an easy plunge and got as deep as our angle and the divider illegal bahis siteleri would allow. For a little while, I don’t know how long, he just sat there, with his cock up my ass.

Now, I like getting pounded, but I love it when a man takes my ass like that, penetrating me and then holding it. It gives me time to think. It gives me time to realize “I am getting fucked. I am taking his cock bareback. A guy I have never laid eyes on is putting his cock in my asshole, bareback, and he is going to cum inside me, into my bare, unprotected ass.” A good hard screw is nice, but when I have time to really consider what is happening and what is going to happen to me beforehand, it makes everything even hotter.

Then he started fucking. The angle and the divider meant that all he could do was fuck. He couldn’t jerk me or play with my nipples, which made it all the better for me. I got exactly what I wanted from this man, I got his cock using me with no attention paid to me. My asshole was the only thing he touched, and it was his cock that did all the touching. I made sure to fuck him back.

I don’t know how long we fucked. But he finally thrust in as deep as he could and held it there—I could feel his cum shooting into me. He shot at least six times, maybe more, and then held his cock still for a while before pulling out of me. He pulled himself back under the stall divider, put on his pants, and left, without even a “thanks”. I had just taken a bareback load up my ass from a man I had never seen before and would probably never see again. He didn’t think I was even worthy of a single word of gratitude for being canlı bahis siteleri his sex slave. A warm glow filled me, a glow of joy and satisfaction. I sat in the stall for a while to feel the lovely dripping of his cum out of my asshole and glory in the emotional wholeness I felt at that moment.

I want to make one thing totally plain about this experience. I was not being “bi” or “gay” or anything respectable at all. I was indulging in pure faggotry. I willingly threw away all my dignity and pride to be another man’s slut. I consented of my own free will to be used, totally used, and discarded. I made this consent in the full knowledge of how degrading that is. That was exactly and perfectly what I wanted. I wanted to be a cum dumpster, and I wanted to be used as a pure sex item, just an object for another man’s pleasure. It was my purpose in life at that moment. I existed just to be another man’s sex item, just to serve and please him. It not only pleased me, it made me whole and fulfilled me. His cock was God. It was my duty to worship his cock and not just accept his cum but to adore his cum. It was my duty and my supreme privilege for his cum to be Communion for me. His cum was the holiest thing in the universe. It was the most fulfilling and wonderful thing imaginable to have a bareback cumshot up my ass from a man I had never even passed in a hallway before. I had received the holiest possible Divine gift. His cum was God. I loved the cum he shot into my ass and it was a blessing and my entire purpose in life for my asshole to have been opened to his bare cock and for his cum to shoot directly into my body, entering me totally and without limits. I chose to do this freely and joyfully. I chose to become nothing more than a way for another man to cum and a permanent receptacle for his semen. I would choose it again. Anyone want to help me out?

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