In Bed with The Boss Man Ch. 01

Well I had recovered and work on Monday wasn’t quite the same. My bum was sore and my cock felt wrung out. At 19 I was still really a gay virgin although the fun after the footie match had really changed all that. I was determined to have a sex break for at least a couple of days. After all, it certainly couldn’t get better than my “Team ” experience after helping the blues to victory at the weekend.
Marty, my workmate, came up for a chat when I arrived. He was 20, taller than my 5’8″ and like me, slim and lithe.
“Well”, he smirked. “Saw some pretty revealing pics of you on facebook at the weekend. What did you get up to?”
“Oh no” I thought as my face reddened. “What have the buggers put on the net?”
Before I could quiz him our boss,Tony came up looking stern. He was a very well-built guy , about 40 with good arms and chest. He had strong legs and a firm, hard physique. He played rugby for a local team and was always on about me switching over to the oval ball but I was pretty content with my match success for the Blues. I thought he was HOT and had spent many a staff meeting dreaming about being in a scrum with him, my face pressed right up to his lovely round bum cheeks and tight shorts. Mm he could tackle me any day.
“I need to see you in my office NOW” he said and marched off with a purposeful stride (and a pretty cute arse to boot). What was this all about? He couldn’t have wind of my fun and games after the match already, could he? Perhaps he wanted some cock and arse play too.
“Better get in there” said Marty. He’s in no mood for mucking about.”
I gave him a grimace and followed Tony reluctantly to his office. We got on pretty well and I thought I was a good worker , giving the boss no reason to bawl me out. If anything I was a bit of an arse licker, always laughing at his jokes, getting coffee and hoping he’d notice me. Even though he was married I fantasised about him grabbing me round the legs, falling on top of me and grinding his hard cock into mine. What was this all about?
Tony was standing looking at his lap top screen when I entered. He looked serious. So It WAS about the face book postings.
“Hey” he said as I closed the door. “Sit down and listen.”
I did as I was told certain that I was going to be bawled out. “You know I’m always on at you to join my rugby club” he said. “Well we need you more than ever now. Next weekend we are away and four of our players are injured. We can barely get a full team and desperately need two reserves we can sub in case of injury on the day. What do you say? I know you’ve played before but don’t want to commit full time. Just for one match. Please.”
Was that it? Here I was shitting a brick and he just wanted me to help out his team. The relief on my face gave way to a huge grin. “Yeah. only too pleased to help,” I said and he smiled from ear to ear. And what a gorgeous smile.
“What, you’ll do it?”
“Anything to help my boss” I grinned back. “Especially if you pick me up in your porsche. That would make it really cool and I wouldn’t be able to refuse”. I’m not sure how I had the cheek to suggest that but I watched his face to see if I’d overstepped the mark.
“OK that’s a deal” he grinned. “Thanks. Now back to work.”
I turned casino oyna to go and had just got my hand on the door when he said “But I’m going up on Saturday and staying over till the game on Sunday. Be OK if we share a room? My treat.”
I was taken completely by surprise by this and could only mumble “Yeah , cool, can’t wait.”
“OK that’s settled” he said. “Now enough time wasting – get working.”
“Marty was keen to hear what had happened between me and Tony and was disappointed when I told him. “Oh yeah, the bosses favourite eh. Well I’m not surprised, you arse licker.”
I hit him playfully yet hard in the stomach and he doubled over, coughing. “When he needs help with the tiddly winks team I’m sure he’ll come to you” I laughed.
Marty showed me the post on his laptop and thankfully it was a lot less “revealing” than it could have been – just some bare bums in the changing room and lots of huge grins. “So he doesn’t know” I thought. “Pity”. I had always fancied Marty and wondered what he would think, and do, if he heard about the fun after the match.

The rest of the week was uneventful and at Friday lunch time Tony called me into his office again.
“I’m off to a meeting this afternoon so just checking you’re still ok for the weekend. I’ll pick you up at about 5 and we can get into the room, relax and have a few beers. Chill out and something to eat before we tuck down, ok?”
“Great by me”, I said.” See you at 5 tomorrow.”

So now it was all set and I whiled away a dull afternoon by fantasising about Tony’s strong arms and cute bum. Mmm. If he only knew, I thought.

Tony was right on time and I hefted my overnight and sports bags into the back of his car. A white Porsche eh. Not bad. We chatted about sport and the game to come and Tony thanked me again. “I’ll have to see how I can make it up to you,” he laughed as we drove along. Just sitting beside him on the leather seats was good enough for now. My underused cock was starting to stiffen after a whole week of rest.

And who knew what was still to come.

We reached the hotel without incident and Tony led the way to check in. At reception he beamed at the cute guy behind the desk.
“Reservation for Mr Michaels. One night.”
“Oh yes,” said the receptionist, “But you asked for a double not a twin, ” as his eyes took in my slim but wiry physique.
“Yes that’s fine, replied Tony with a wink. “He won’t take up much room.” He turned to me and smiled. “Ok?”
What was this? The first hint of some fun. “Yeah, It’s all ok by me”, I replied and Tony turned back to the desk. “There we go. Now lets get checked in so we can relax.”
Perhaps it wasn’t going to be all grappling just on the field after all. I might yet get to be tackled in bed. I hoped so ‘cos a week without cuming was really putting a strain on my jeans. I had a semi now and the thought of some bedroom fun was just making it worse,…or better.

Tony stood really close in the lift and I looked over his 6’2″ frame. He was certainly built for rugby, and with those huge biceps and chest hair peeking from the top of his blue denim shirt he was all man. He smelt good too, not all cosmetic but with a spicy tang of musky fragrance that accentuated his man smell canlı casino rather than masking it. I hoped I would get a good look at his body naked soon. And the guy was married too. What a lucky lady. Just then I noticed his left hand. He always wore a wedding ring but today it was missing. What was this all about? I must be sure to ask later.

We threw our bags onto the floor and Tony fell onto the HUGE bed and smiled. “Hope this will do kid,” he said as I walked round the bed to the other side. I lay back with my hands under my head and turned and smiled back.
“Seems great” I replied. I just looked at him , waiting. If something was going to happen it would need to be from him. After all he was the boss.
His tongue ran over his top lip. “Mmm think I’ll take a shower . Unwind after that drive.” With that he sprung up and headed for the bathroom as I watched the smooth movements of his lithe, muscled body.
At the door he turned and smiled. “I’ll be sure to leave plenty of water for you if you fancy one.” Then he was gone and I heard him humming as the water cascaded down.
I certainly fancied something. My cock was stiff in my jeans again and I needed release soon or I would disgrace myself in my pants. Toni was talking to me , asking about where I would prefer to play on the field so I got up and walked over to the door. I peeked round the frame and saw the shadow of his body behind the shower door – a big walk in shower. He was facing me and soaping his chest and hair, still chatting away, and through the glass I could take in all of him. What a man, toned and muscled in every inch with a longish cock still obscured by soap and running water. God I wanted him. I was so hot with lust for this hot man that I hadn’trealised he had turned off the water and was pushing back the door.
“Don’t just stand there gawping – pass me a towel” he said as he stepped out. I fumbled and grabbed something that turned out to be a hand towel. “Mm not really big enough,” he joked and pushed past me to find a bath towel. He now stood close to me as he toweled his front. I couldn’t help glancing down between his legs and he noticed.
“Like what you see?” he said, and my reply stuck in my throat. Tony had the biggest cock imaginable – better than many porn stars. It hung long and thick from a clipped and tidy mass of pubic hair. WOW!
“Dry my back? he enquired and I was happy to oblige. “Mm that feels good” he murmered as he raised his arms above his head. “Bet you give a good massage”.
I was in heaven. I dropped the towel and started rubbing Tony’s neck with my fingers, firmly and hard. I stroked my way down his back working on his shoulders and reached the small of his back which I kneeded and pumelled. He was moaning softly as I ran my hands over his legs and I knelt on the wet floor. His bum cheeks were at eye level and I fimly ran my palms over both of them, massaging the hard muscles underneath. Tony was still moaning and he slowly turned to face me and my mouth came within inches of his erect 9″ cock.
“What can you do for that?” he whispered and without hesitation I put out my tongue.
“MM” he sighed as I licked up and down the shaft. “Just what I need”
“Me too” I mumbled as I started to work on the kaçak casino big purple knob. I got it in my mouth and slurped it down. Tony held my head with his big wet hands and started to pump my face. “Ugh.. ugh .. ” was all I could get out. This guy was so big and I was really enjoying the sensation of having my mouth full of hard man cock. Would he cum in my mouth or did he have something else in mind?

He pulled out of me and pulled me to mt feet. He was rubbing at my crotch through my jeans and then he leaned down and kissed me. I could feel the stubble of his firm jaw and then the hard tongue pushing between my lips and I opened for him like the slut boy I knew I was. Out tongues fenced as he sucked and explored my mouth. his hot sweet breath now on my neck as he bit me firmly. “Ohh.” This was magical. So tender and caring after my first horny group sex. I was in heaven and didn’t want it to end but Tony pulled away and smiled down at me. Holding my face between his hands he kissed my lips. “Come on, lets get you out of these things,” he said in a husky whisper.
God it felt good to let a man undress me. Tony pulled off my shirt and undid my belt. He reached down and unbuttoned my jeans and pulled them down. My stiff cock was still trapped in my Calvins and he nuzzled it through the tight material. “Mm” he said as he tongued it, wetting the end and blending my pre-cum with his saliva. He pulled off my trainers and got me out of my jeans and led me back into the bedroom. We sat on the bed, him naked and me still in my pants as he kissed me again and I kissed him. Our hands explored our backs, chests, faces and he whispered in my ear, “My it’s been a long time since I was attracted to someone so strongly. I want you , I need you, now.” All the time he was caressing my body and playing with my hair and nipples. My erection was bursting through the front of my Calvins. I wanted him too, so badly it hurt.
He pulled me back down onto the bed and continued to whisper and caress me as he ran his hands over my back and bum. He rubbed my cheeks through my pants and got one finger under a leg. I felt it rubbing against my crack and he was soon playing with my hole. Oh God, that felt good. I let him know I liked it my moaning and moving my hips.
“Oh yes I want you,” he panted and rolled me over, pulling off my pants in a practiced movement.
“Take me. Please, take me now.” I begged him as I Felt his hard cock prodding at my tight hole.
I half turned and kissed him while writhing seductively under his touch. “Oh yes .. now, now.”
I felt Tony kneel up slightly and aim his tool at my hole. The next sensation was the pain and stretching I had expected and I gasped and cried out.
“It’s ok” he said. “I’ll go slow.” I felt him hold and wait for me to adjust to the feeling of him inside me. When I started moving my hips he took up the rhythm and we moaned and sighed as our love making took us over the edge. I wanted it to last for ever but before long I felt him shudder.
“AAGH ” he cried and stiffened even more inside me. I felt his cock throb and was totally filled with the warmth and wetness of his cum.
Oh it felt good and he wrapped his arms around me and nuzzled me ear. “That was great baby. Can we go again when you’re ready?”
How could such a strong and powerful man be such a considerate and careful lover? What a catch, definately a keeper. I had a lot to learn from Tony and I certainly wanted more. And soon.

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