Jack and May

I rush into the bathroom without thinking. I’ve been dying for a pee over the last hour on my way home. A warm, sweet and sensual mist greets me. I look up and my heart almost leaps out of my mouth! For there is May, my sister-in-law, taking a shower! A lump rises in my throat at my first glimpse of her tight nubile body and I can feel a bigger lump coming up in my pants.

“AHH!” She screams. Her open-palms shoot out waving about, uncertain whether to hide her face or to shield her pint-sized body.

“Sor… Sorry, I’m sorry.” I realise that I’m still ogling all over her nakedness. Hurriedly, I offer my apology and retreat from the bathroom.

I never thought I would see May in the flesh, not in my lifetime and definitely not after that day when she glared at me with pure hatred in her eyes.

Looking back, it was just after Sylvie and I got married. May, then a bubbly 17-year-old kid, freshly out of school, visited us at our tiny flat on Hong Kong Island one day for a reason that I no longer recall. She was leaning over our dining table and was reading a magazine, Marie Claire I think.

She was wearing a loose green top and suddenly, I found myself peeking down her blouse. I was mesmerized by the puffiness of her small white breasts, clad in a beige coloured bra; and I felt blood surging to my groin. She looked up at that juncture and caught me red handed. She peered quizzically in my eyes, glanced down her chest and her eyes shot up again, her expression furious.

I didn’t know what to say to her as I was so embarrassed and I tried to play it light by pulling an innocent grin. Her right hand at once came up to close the gap round her collar and she stared at me with cold hatred in her eyes.

Although it’s been so many years since that episode, she never speaks to me again, not directly anyway. What a pity! May is the prettiest among the three siblings. If I weren’t engaged to Sylvie by the time I met her, I most certainly would chase after May. Nowadays, she chooses either to ignore me or finds ways to antagonise me whenever we meet. In another word, she has become a right nuisance. I’m pleased with this sudden turn of luck. Serves her right, Bitch!

Following the initial surprise, a dire urge for a pee returns but that bitch is still inside the bathroom, the only one in my flat. I stand, knees pressed together, waiting desperately in my bedroom. After five more minutes, I can wait no longer. I staggered the few agonising steps to the bathroom and knock on the door. There is no answer. I knock again, still no answer. Perhaps she has gone to the spare bedroom? I ease open the door.

May is sitting on the edge in front of the bathtub, a white towel wraps round her fragile body. She’s been weeping but she stands and turns her head away the moment I open the door.

“Are you satisfied now? Haven’t you seen enough…” she yells at me and uses the back of her hand to swipe tears that are rolling down her cheeks, “What more do you want?”

“I’m sorry! That was an accident. I… The lock is broke…”

“I don’t believe you. You must have known that I was here. Sylvie would have told you!” She chokes at her own tears.

“She didn’t. I…”

“I don’t believe you. And now you are going to make a mockery of me…” again her word is lost through crying, “just like that day you looked down my blouse…”

Oh, Damn! Not that again, that bitch has a talent for making people feel guilty. And right now I’m feeling like shit!

“No, May I would never do such a thing. I am sorry about what happened the other day. I… I just couldn’t help myself looking…” I am shocked to hear what I have just said.

“I saw that smirk in your face; you despised me, belittled my… ” May has stopped crying, but there is anger and hurt in her voice, sniffling as she tries in vain to continue.

“May, but you are wrong. I was just too embarrassed and felt guilty for doing that… looking subconsciously. The truth is… I was attracted to you the first time I saw you.”

“I don’t believe you.” May says without conviction, surprised at what she has just heard.

“May, please forgive me. I have wanted to say this all these years. Please, let’s be friends again. I promise that I will never tell a soul about what happened today.”

I look at her, hat in hands begging her forgiveness. All of a sudden, we are searching into each other’s eyes. She has stopped sniffling and the dead silence is becoming unbearable. Then her face turns a shade red and she dips her eyes demurely. My God, she’s so sweet and so pretty when she is not acting bitchy! My heart is pounding wildly all of a sudden.

“May, please forgive me.”

She giggles suddenly.

“What?” I ask, still don’t realise what is happening.

Gingerly, she points her fingers. I look down to see a big tent erected in front of my pants. I feel heat spreading on my cheeks. I want to apologise again. Shit, she catches me a second time. I remember that time I peeked down her blouse I had an instant erection and she killed casino siteleri it with that look of hatred. But she is giggling!

“May!” There is a sudden dryness in my throat and my voice crackles.

She looks up coyly.

When our lips are just inches apart May closes her eyes and tilt her head up expectantly. Our first kiss is simply electrifying. There is warmth and softness on her lips that I have never known. My heart is now thumping so hard that it aches. I pull away, looking down at her, mesmerised by her beauty. When I kiss her again, I feel her responding. Oh God, what shall I do? But before I can think straight, I have May cuddled in a tight embrace, my hands wondering down her back, gently squeezing her cute little butt over the towel, something that I wanted to do every time I saw her in a pair of body-clinging denim jeans.

Very soon, I slip my tongue pass her lips, savouring her sweetness. We kiss passionately, just like that for ages. My mind is racing; we must have been torturing each other for years, hoping against hopes for just this moment. Finally, we have to break the seal of our lips, as we have both become breathless.

We stand, looking into each other, panting, excited, scared!


I mumble expectantly. My hands reaching for her towel, at the knot tied just above her small breasts but she beats me to it and grabs it tightly in both hands.

“May…” I beg her with my eyes.

Slowly, I take her hands away, lowering them by her sides. When I raise my hands to the knot again, they are shaking.

“May?” I feel silly asking but I’m so afraid of upsetting her. She looks away shyly.

Gingerly, I untie the knot and let the towel drop. May catches it behind her when it falls round her butt.

Heavenly! May has the cutest body, standing at mere 4’11”. Her breasts are so petite I wonder if they can properly fill an A-cup bra. Yet they are so perky and in perfect proportion to the rest of her tiny body. Her twin-peaks are capped with small areolas, in the shade of two brightly blossoming Chinese plum flowers. And her nipples harden under my wanton gaze!

Her skin is blemish less and is almost translucent with a healthy glow of pink showing underneath. A neat patch of pubic fluffs is decorating at the centre of her feminine hips, at the apex of a pair of slim though incredibly toned legs. She must have shaved her legs, as those fine hairs I noticed before are gone. Her feet are high-arched and her toes neat and immaculately manicured. I feel dizzy just ogling at her beauties. She has the body of a budding 12/13-year-old schoolgirl. You would never guess that she is 36 already! She is simply one perfect woman, coming in an extra small package.

I am so in awe by her charm. When I look at her face again, I find her blushing fiercely. Suddenly, I’m possessed by a beastly desire. I sweep her off her feet and carry her, towel-wrapped again, into my bedroom. With one arm cradling her feather light body, I throw the quilt cover onto the carpet and gently lower her on the bed. Her towel soon joins the quilt.

Completely stitch less May shields her tiny breasts and her pubes with a pair of small hands. Blushing, she doesn’t know where to look. But damn, I need a pee!

“Don’t go away!” I order her; no I beg her.

When I come back, May is still naked in bed with her three strategic spots demurely covered. I can wait no more and peel off my clothes. And in seconds, I join May in our little Garden of Eden. If May has had doubts on how I felt about her, with just one look at my boner, her doubts would vanish completely. I simply cannot remember having a bigger erection in my life! And she is staring at it with a mixture of awe and fascination.

I have to wrestle with May to keep her hands from hiding her treasures. Though blushing crimson, she giggles. Oh God, she makes me crazy! I kiss her again and when my hands mould themselves onto her perky breasts for the first time, I am surprise at how springy they feel. There is nothing I see or touch in May that betrays her age. Must be the regular Yoga classes, or is it Tai Chi that she’s been practising. God, how I had longed for her!

“May, you know, I fell in love with you the first time I saw you.” and that is the absolute truth.

She smiles coyly and says, “Me too Jack, but you…”

“May, I want to make love to you.”

Apprehension flashes across her eyes and she begins shaking her head, “No, we can’t.”

What does she mean by no? I simply must have her! This time, I really have to hold her arms down. Wrestling with her, I kiss first on her budding right breast, then the left.

“HHO!” she gasps and keeps twisting her arms in my grip.

I repeat my kisses on her perky vibrant breasts and feel her pink nipples hardening between my lips.

“Mmm… oh don’t, Jack!”

As I kiss and nibble her bullet-hard nipples, I sense her strength weakening as she keeps moaning softly. Still grasping her wrists and holding them by her sides, I snake my kisses to her taut canlı casino belly. Suddenly, her torso jerks violently and she squeals in wild laughter. Caught you, you ticklish little devil!

“Stop, Jack. Oh, please stop… hahahaha…”

Relenting on her, I release her arms, but slither the tip of my tongue through her pubic thatch, twirling lightly around the edge of the delicate folds of her inner love-lips that are flushed red and sprouting like two tiny orchid petals.

“Ohh! Mmm…” May shudders and moans.

Instantly, I become intoxicated with a bouquet permeating off her love hole. And she tastes so sensually sweet! I try nudging the tip of my tongue at that little nub at the crest of her pussy.


All of a sudden, May convulses in ecstasy. As I keep lapping like a puppy, her slim thighs presses painfully against my ears, shutting out her cries of indignant pleasure. And she keeps coming, rocking her pelvis at me, her pussy twitching and oozing nectar, drenching my face. When she eventually releases her vice-like thighs, I steal a glance up at her. She is still shivering weakly and is biting on the knuckles of her right fist, trying to muffle her sound.

I let go of her throbbing pussy and kiss my way slowly down the inside of her creamy white thigh, all way to her sexy feet. Her high arched feet are the most elegant I have ever seen. Her soles are so supple and are devoid of hard skin, must have something to do with her wearing trainers practically all year round instead of heels. I kiss and suckle on each of her slim white toes, savouring her sweet body.

“Mmm… don’t Jack.. OH! Oh, Jack!” May keeps sighing and writhing about on bed as a second though milder wave of ecstasy catches her.

I look up at her crimson cheeks; I can wait no more. Deftly, I crawl my way on top of her. But she freezes the moment I try to pull her legs apart.

“No Jack. Please, don’t…” there is real fright in her eyes as she protests, “we mustn’t.”

“I love you May!”

As I say to distract her, I wedge a knee between hers then press the other one in. May tries to squeeze her thighs together but I weigh my body on top of her, pushing her legs further apart. I know that I’m gaining ground but I really don’t want to force it.

“May, let me… please!”

Perhaps she realises that I’ve already gained strategic grounds. Perhaps she realises that we have both reached the point of no return. Perhaps…

With my right hand, I spread her knee a little further apart. May resists at first, hesitates but finally relents. I slide my body forward and try rubbing my pre-cum dripping cock along her private entrance. Her slim fingers grab me suddenly and her sharp nails make me jump. But just as quickly she releases her grip; her hand is icy cold! May is shaking with fear! God, what have I done?

“May…” I’m getting desperate. I must take her now or I’m going to burst open.

“Jack, please be gentle,” she turns her head away shyly and tries to continue, “I never…” but her timid voice trails off.

I can’t believe what I just heard, but secretly I’m so pleased.

Gently, I hook my hands behind the bends of her delicate knees, raise and spread them open either side of me. May gasps as her sex is suddenly so exposed and defenceless right in front of me! Cautiously, I slither my cock knob along her weeping pussy lips. Are they begging for mercy? Oh God, I am going mad!

When I nudge my knob between her fiery red inner lips, May turns her head aside and uses the back of her hands to hide her beetroot cheeks. Embarrassed, or is that her denial of our illicit love?

I press my lower back closer and see my cock knob beginning to disappear into May’s virgin pussy folds, instantly sensing her tight grip below. As I press a little further in, May tenses. There is a sudden constriction at the entrance of her love tunnel, shutting out my access.

“May, I love you, please give it to me!”

Timidly, she presses the back of her hands over her face, refusing to meet me in the eyes but loosen herself below slightly. I take the opportunity and push my lower back ever so gently against her slippery pussy.

“Uh… ah” she sighs and her right hand shoots between our pelvis, trying to push me away.

Immediately, I feel tightness all around me, like strands of rubber bands slipping snugly over my cock knob and gripping, almost painfully, just behind the helmet head. May is shivering under me and I feel like I can almost share that pain she must be going through. Perhaps I should have let her rest for a while, but her virgin pussy draws me in like a magnet.

“Uh… sss… uah…” she flinches, gritting her teeth, panting deeply while my steel rod continues to pierce into her.

In just seconds, amidst her muffled sighing and her futile contraction, my cock is sunken hilt-deep into her hot and pulsating pussy. May grips me so tightly down there I can hardly breathe.

I look down at May, my sister-in-law, my first and only virgin, my darling lover. kaçak casino Her left palm is covering her mouth, muting her gasps of pain. Her jaw is quivering, just like her whinging pussy folds; her breaths are laboured and tiny teardrops appear at the corners of her tightly screwed eyelids. But all I feel is a strange sense of elation.

I support my upper torso with my arms, resting my cock deep inside her, enjoying her warm welcome, letting her get accustomed to me, to us together.

Gradually, her breathings become more even. I withdraw myself, slipping halfway out of that warm glove of hers. She winces but splay her thighs further apart, preparing herself for my next move. And she looks so fragile yet so incredibly seductive under me. Gently, I begin sheaving my cock back into that hot body of hers. But she is already tensing herself and she gasps as our pubes meet for a second time.

“Uh!” she shudders.

“May, I love you! I can eat you all up.”

She gives an almost imperceptible nod and smiles through tightly pressed lips. And that makes my cock jerk all of a sudden.

How could I have resisted her for so long, for so many years? I plant a passionate kiss on her, my tongue slipping into her sweet mouth just like my cock squeezing into her tight pussy and I begin my labour of love, on top of her, through her, deep inside her… Every time I withdraw, May breathes in relief. And when I thrust into her slippery pussy, her hot and sensual exhalation fuels my passion to limits.

Not long, I lose all my self-control as I begin pounding into her cruelly and savagely. How my little May could take that abuse, I have no idea. She just keeps whimpering under me.

“Mmm… mmm… mmm…”

Her desirous howling and the cracking of bedsprings are making me delirious. Her tight and slippery pussy folds are giving me so much pleasure there is a tingling sensation on my engorged helmet. My balls feel like they are going to burst at any moment. I look down at my darling lover. Through her half-closed and fluttering eyelids, I see her eyeballs are rolled back; as if she is going to faint and her jaw is quivering tensely just like her firm perky breasts that are jiggling to the rhythm of my onslaught. I suddenly realise that she’s been rocking her pelvis against me, meeting my thrusts one for one.

“Oh…” her moaning takes on a new intensity.

I’m simply going mad! I crane my neck and suck a whole petite breast into my mouth as I begin nibbling a hard nipple, biting lightly at it while my fingertips start kneading at her other one.

“HHO! Hmm… Mmm…”

There is a sudden rhythmic tightening deep inside her pussy. The sensation on my knob is so exquisite I know that I can’t hold back much longer. I double my effort, rocking rapidly through her for dozens more times, until…

“May, oh May, I’m going to cum!”

I try to extract myself at a last moment but she drapes her slim legs behind my thighs as her hands suddenly press down on my butt, pushing me deeper into her. That is just too much. An electric shock runs through my balls as I erupt deep inside her.

May flusters her eyelids open momentarily. A mysteriously glaze flashes from her eyes as she begins to convulse violently.

“OHH! HHO!…” she screams.

We embrace tightly as an earthquake rocks all around us.

We were so exhausted yet we cuddle each other in bliss, in the afterglow of our mutual orgasm. My semi-hard cock is still snugly sheaved in her hot pussy.

“May, you are mine. You are all mine now.” I smile contentedly and lovingly down at my darling lover.

“Oh, Jack, don’t leave me. Please don’t leave me.” There is desperateness in her voice, her eyes suddenly mist up.

“I can never do that. You are my responsibility now. I love you very much, May!”

She smiles timidly under me.

“Oh Jack. I don’t know how to say it. But I don’t want you make love to Sylvie ever again,” she looks sheepishly at me and continues, “I would feel so jealous. Promise me please, that at least you won’t initiate it…”

“Yes, I promise.” I reply solemnly.

Right now I am prepared to leave everything behind me, to spend the rest of my life with May. She smiles contentedly and reaches up to kiss me on the cheek. But suddenly she stares angrily at me.

“But there is one thing, Jack.”

“Yes?” I reply shakily as I’m already afraid of upsetting her.

“Stop calling me a 4-foot-11 bitch. I’m 5 foot tall, you know!” She stares at me sternly.

“I… it was… I won’t do it again. I promise.” I’m furious at Sylvie’s betrayal.

Her face cracks with a mischievous grin. She grabs my hands and put them on her perky breasts then hooks her arms behind my neck and plants a passionate kiss on my lips, taking my breath away completely. I can feel my cock stiffening inside her!

All of a sudden, we hear the jingling of keys then the front gate bangs loudly.

“Jack, I’m home.” Sylvie yells just behind the bedroom door.

May and I freeze, shock and fears flash across our eyes. We think that surely we are dead meat. My cock withers and slips out from May’s warm pussy. My first reaction is to hold and protect May from her bitchy sister. Then we hear the banging of the toilet door.

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