Kissing Cousins

Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.


Family reunions in my family were a shit show. Not in the “someone picked a fight and now everyone’s screaming” kind of way though. With us, it’s more like an all around fuck-fest.

Once a year, all of the grown-ups in the family would head out to the family homestead for a three day weekend. Over the course of those three days, anything and anyone was fair game.

This year I had just turned eighteen, which meant this was my first time attending the reunion. And I had absolutely no idea what I was getting into when Momma and Daddy told me we were going away for some “quality family time”.

The first night, I’d told myself I would give the ole family tradition a go. While Momma and Daddy were off screwing my Aunt Jemma and Uncle Tommy, I’d hung around the living room with my hand in my daisy dukes and looked on to see if anyone took my fancy.

Over the course of an hour, I had watched my Uncle Al pound my cousin Louise, while my cousins Carl and Frankie took turns screwing Aunt Mimi and I’d even seen Momma’s cousin Charlie slip his cock into Uncle Merle’s backdoor while no one else was looking.

Over my hour of window shopping, I’d only found one person who got me all hot and bothered.

My cousin Carine was a bombshell by all standards. Long blonde hair that stuck out in the sea of brunettes, bright blue eyes and curves that most girls only dreamed of having.

But the only way it looked like I would have shot at touching those curves would be if I joined in while her step-brother was fucking her into oblivion.

And that wasn’t really my style.

So I settled for rubbing myself off while watching her large tits bounce up and down as she rode her step-brother into Saturday morning.

• • •

Come Sunday, no pun intended, I was bored out of my mind.

I had watched just about every member of my family screw each other by now. And I’d managed nothing more than a few voyeuristic masterbation sessions. While I wasn’t all that mad about getting none, my cunt had been retaliating all weekend by getting wet and needy whenever Carine walked by.

Last I had seen of her, she was taking a couple of our uncles at once, and that had just been far too much cock for me to watch. So I’d managed to sneak out to the backyard without anyone noticing, where I’d taken refuge in the big barn, far away from the screams of pleasure coming from the house.

I’d been out there maybe an hour, relaxing in a pile of hay in the loft when I’d heard the barn door below.

“Georgia? Ya in here?” A silky smooth voice called out.

Another gush of wetness soaked my panties at the very sound of Carine calling my name. Putting my hominess aside, I popped my head around the corner and waved. “Up here.”

A moment later, she appeared at the top of the ladder, and joined me in the loft. Thankfully, Carine had pulled on a pair of daisy dukes and a tiny white tee before coming out to find me. I was certain I couldn’t handle seeing her traipsing around her naked glory anymore.

She fixed me with a perfect smile as she settled into the hay next to me. “I noticed ya disappeared a little while ago. Ya feelin’ okay?” She drawled.

I nodded my head mechanically. “I’m fine. Just needed some fresh air is all.”

Her laughter filled the loft, making it incredibly hard for me to focus. “I hear ya. It’s really startin’ to stink in there.”

“Yeah,” I muttered in agreement, diverting my gaze from where her nipples were making themselves known from beneath her shirt.

A puzzled look screwed up her features as she studied me for a moment. “Georgia? Can I ask ya somethin’?”

I shrugged my shoulders. Her very presence was frustrating me. “I guess.”

“Are ya still a virgin?”

I sputtered at her words, utterly taken aback. “What? Why? No! Why would you think that?!”

Carine picked up a piece of hay and balanced it between her long fingers. “‘Cause. Everyone’s in there fiickin’ themselves silly and you’re out here in the barn. And I’ve seen ya ’round this weekend. You’ve been doing nothin’ but watchin’.”

Watching you, I thought.

I shrugged my shoulders again, a blush creeping up my neck. “Well, I’m not. I’ve had sex before. I’m just not feeling it this weekend, I guess.”

Carine’s plump lower lip jutted out, and all I could think about was sucking it into my mouth. “Oh,” she frowned.

I waited for Carine to get up and leave, but she didn’t. I realized eventually that she was staring at me, watching me, and I turned to meet her blue eyed gaze.

“Do ya remember when we used to all play up here when we were little?” She asked.

I had no idea what she casino siteleri was talking about at first, but then a memory dawned on me. “Yeah. We were, like, eight.”

Carine nodded, a small smile on her face. “We used to swing ’round on the rope all the time, even when Nana and Pops told us not to.”

I laughed, remembering Nana yelling at us whenever we fell off and scraped our knees. “That was fun, we always got cookies after.”

With another laugh Carine inched closer to me, her sweet smell, along with the must of sex, filling my nose. “Do ya remember when cousin Danny dared me to kiss ya in that stall over there?”

I was eight years old when I had my first kiss. That kiss was with Carine, in the stall she was pointing at. It only took the one kiss for me to know for a fact I liked girls. And I’d had a crush on Carine ever since.

“Yeah. We were silly kids,” I said, looking away from the stall.

Carine shifted closer again, and I could feel my wetness soaking through my shorts as my mind went places it shouldn’t.

“Ya were my first kiss, ya know?” She told me.

“Mine too,” I replied, taking a deep breath in hopes of calming myself.

Those hopes flew out the window when Carine laid her hand on my knee. “I was hoping I’d see ya here this weekend,” she drawled, her hand slowly shifting up to rest on my thigh.

I couldn’t talk anymore. Every nerve ending below my waist was blazing full alarms as her hand moved up toward the hem of my shorts. I was certain she could smell the musky scent of my wetness as I all but squirted in my panties.

“Did ya want to see me here too, Georgia?” Carine asked, her voice becoming husky in a way I’d only ever heard in my wet dreams.

It took all of my efforts to nod my head, and she grinned.

“Ya should’ve just said that a while back,” she laughed as the tips of her fingers brushed against my clothed cunt. “Ya could’ve saved yourself a ton of troubles.”

I let out a breathy laugh that was quickly swallowed up by a moan as her delicate fingers rubbed against the crotch of my shorts. “I wanna fuck you so bad,” I moaned.

This had to be a dream. A very vivid, very dirty, very wonderful wet dream.

“Only if I can fuck ya too,” she grinned.

Apparently, that was all it took for my brain to turn itself back on, because the next thing I knew I was straddling her waist while she lay in the hay.

My mouth was on her’s in seconds, tasting her sweet tongue as it danced with mine. Our kisses were sloppy and filled with need, much unlike that first peck we’d shared ten years ago in this very barn. We knew what we were doing now, and we knew what we wanted. And while kissing Carine was amazing, I wanted to do much more to her amazing body while I had the chance.

I pulled back first, looking down at her. She was gorgeous as she lay under me. Her blonde hair was splayed around her, blending in with the golden hay, her pretty blue eyes clouded with desire. The curve of her waist felt exquisite between my legs, and I began to grind against her.

The resonating moan that escaped her lips had my cunt clenching with need as it moved against her stomach.

I ran my hands up her stomach, taking her shirt with me as I trailed up to reveal her gorgeous tits. The sight of the erect nipples had my mouth watering, and I leaned down, suckling at one loudly.

“Oh Georgia, that feels so good,” Carine moaned beneath me and I smiled against her tit. I swirled my tongue once more around her nipple before moving on to her other one.

I continued my journey downwards, shimmying down her body until I could reach out and flick open the button on her daisy dukes. Pulling them down over her curvy hips, I was pleased to come face to face with her her bare, beautiful cunt.

If this was a dream, I did not want to wake up.

Taking hold of her leg, I hitched it over my shoulder, spreading her lips wide as I lay between her legs. I’d pictured this moment a million times in my head, detailing every little thing I wanted to do to her. But now that I was here, I just wanted to taste her.

Tossing foreplay to the wind, I buried my face in her cunt and inhaled the musty sweet smell of her sex. She giggled above me and I smiled against her slit. “You’re soaking wet, Carine,” I groaned against her, savouring the feeling of her.

“Ya look so flickin’ sexy down there, Georgia. I can’t help myself.”

I wasn’t sure who was wetter at this point, me or her. But my wetness wasn’t what I was facing at the moment. So I pulled away just a bit, enough to see the glorious sight in front of me, and proceeded flick the tip of my tongue against her clit.

Carine jolted against my face at the contact, which only pressed my canlı casino tongue harder against her. For the next few minutes I lapped, and sucked, and licked at my cousin’s perfect cunt like a thirsty dog in the desert.

“I’m gonna fuckin’ cum, Georgia. I’m cumin’!” She moaned loudly.

A few second later, she was quivering beneath me as I worked my tongue up and down her slit feverishly. I didn’t stop until she started jerking and screaming as she reached her climax. The sound of her orgasming as her sweet cum covered my mouth was the most erotic thing I’d ever heard. A feeling of desire knotted low in my stomach as Carine came down from her high and grabbed at me, pulling me up to meet her lips.

She tasted herself in our kiss, licking every drop of her juices from my lips. We rolled around in the hay, one of us trapping the other beneath us as we fought to see who would come out on top.

And while I loved to feeling of her underneath me, it was me who lost. Carine played dirty, and during our tumbles managed to unbutton my shorts. Once she’d accomplished this, she didn’t hesitate to shove her hand down the front of my panties.

I gasped loudly when I first felt her delicate fingers slip between my folds. Pure pleasure coarsed through my veins as her naked body hovered over me and her skilled fingers rubbed circles around my sensitive clit. My lips parted and she took them once again with hers as I savoured the feeling of her touch.

When she slipped a finger inside of me, my eyes shut tight as I moaned against her mouth. She began pumping her finger back and forth, fast and hard, adding another finger not a minute later. Her thumb rubbed at my swollen clit, making me see stars behind my closed lids.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” I whimpered as I thrust my cunt harder against her hand. I didn’t want her to be gentle with me. I wanted her to make me cum- hard.

Instead, she pulled her hand out of my shorts, leaving me crying out in frustration as I dangled on the edge of pleasure.

“I can’t hardly fuck ya right if these shorts of yours are in the way now, can I, Georgia?” She drawled, a wicked grin painted on her face as I opened my eyes.

She quickly pulled my shorts and panties off in one pull, tossing them aside with hers. My shirt was next, as she ripped open the buttons and took in the sight of my naked breasts, leaving my sleeveless plaid shirt opened but still on me.

“Look at those tits,” she marvelled, cupping my breasts in her hands and squeezing them. They weren’t as big as her’s, hardly, but they were big enough to draw attention. She tweaked my nipples between her fingers as she stared at my chest, sending a pang of desire below my waist.

I groaned as I hovered halfway to my climax, still frustrated that she was talking instead of putting that beautiful mouth of her’s to work in better places. Not that the husky sound of her voice didn’t get me all hot and bothered. I was just certain her skilled tongue would be more successful if it was licking my desperate cunt.

Her fingers pinched and twisted my nipples hard, to the point that a lick of pain and pleasure ripped through me straight to my aching core. My body was sensitive, every nerve heightened by her touch. “Please, Carine,” I moaned as I thrust my hips against her. “Make me cum.”

Carine hovered over me, a sly grin on her pouty lips. “Well, since ya asked so nicely, Cousin,” she drawled, shimmying her way down my naked body. “Lets see what we’ve got down here.”

I watched as her blue eyes focused the wet mound between my legs. Her lips popped open in a little ‘o’ as she tilted her head.

“Would ya look at that pretty kitty of yours, Georgia?” She cooed, spreading my legs with her hands as far as they would go and settling in between them. “Gosh, can I pet it?”

“Pet my kitty, Carine. She wants you to pet her real good,” I panted, playing along with her little game. I would say whatever I had to to get her to eat me out right then and there.

With one hand, Carine started stroking my hairy mound, careful to not touch what lay beneath my curls. I groaned in frustration, bucking my hips up to try and force the contact.

Instead, Carine slapped my cunt, sending a spasm of pleasure through me. “Bad kitty,” she mused.

“Yes, bad kitty,” I painted desperately. “Bad kitty should be punished for being so bad.”

A grin spread across her lips. “Punished, eh? I’m startin’ to think kitty likes it rough.”

I nodded furiously. “Real rough.”

“Well then,” she said as she grabbed my hips and roughly forced me to roll over onto my stomach. “Kitty should love this.”

With one hand, Carine pressed into my back, preventing me from moving, while the other dipped two fingers quickly into kaçak casino my dripping pussy. The thrust was fleeting though, as she withdrew as quickly as she’d shoved them in.

But the warm, wet sensation of her tongue against my ass had me forgetting my name as I moaned loudly. She pressed her tongue against my hole quickly and repeatedly, until I was a moaning mess in the hay.

It wasn’t long before I felt a finger roughly probing at my hole, pressing in before letting go. It was agonizing, as I would just feel the erotic sensation of her finger entering my ass, before it was taken away. Like my orgasm before, she was giving me pleasure, but refusing to give me release.

I growled the next time she took that finger away, just as I felt it stretching my hole.

She laughed, and I think I actually creamed on her hand. “Kitty’s gettin’ impatient, ain’t she?” She clicked her tongue in disgrace, and I could feel her leaning over me, her long blonde hair brushing against my ear as she spoke. “I think I’m done playin’ now,” she whispered, her hot breath fanning my ear just as I felt her finger thrust into me without warning.

What I felt was a brief wave of pain as I stretched to accommodate her finger in my tight hole. But after a second, the pain was replaced by a raw pleasure as she quickly began thrusting in and out of my virgin ass.

I moaned loudly as her round tits pressed into my back. “Oh fuck,” I panted. “Yes, yes, harder.”

Carine grinned against my ear as she pushed another finger inside of me. “Ya like how I fuck your pretty ass, Georgia? Huh?”

I nodded, my eyes squeezing shut as I felt my long awaited climax creeping up on me. “Yes, oh, fuck, yes!” I cried as her pace quickened. “Fuck my ass, Carine! Make me cum!”

Her hand that been holding my back disappeared as she pushed off of me. Before I could wondering what she was doing, I felt that hand wiggle its way under my stomach, and quickly descend on my dripping, wet cunt. Her long, skilled fingers were quick to attack my slit, rubbing in circles around my throbbing clit as her other hand fingered my ass fast and hard.

I was a quivering pile of nerves beneath her magical hands, my hips bucking against her hand as my long awaited orgasm crashed into me like a tidal wave of pleasure and lust. She continued her thrusting and stroking as I thrashed and screamed beneath her. I couldn’t even manage to stop screaming long enough to tell her I was cumming before I felt my cunt gush, showering her hands with my juices as I rode out the last wave of my climax.

When I collapsed into the hay, moaning contently, she pulled her fingers out of my ass and carefully rolled me over. Her bright smile greeted me when I opened my eyes. “Ya tired, cousin?”

“Hell no,” I smirked, drawing my knees up and spreading my legs. “Now bring that pretty cunt of yours over here so I can taste it again while you clean up the mess you made.”

Carine didn’t have to be told twice. She was quick to crawl over and straddle her legs on either side of my head, giving me a beautiful view of her glistening cunt above me. As she leaned forward to do as I told her, I reached up and lapped at the fresh cum gathering in her slit. She lurched forward, pressing her wet lips against my mound as she moaned into my curls.

We both began our desperate attacks on one another’s slits. Even though I had just cum not a minute before, I could already feel myself growing wetter as Carine hungrily lapped at my cunt, hardly taking a moment to come up for air. In turn, I feverishly sucked at her clit, moaning as she slipped a finger inside of me.

Her tongue became more desperate as I began fingering her slit as well, her fingers moving harder inside of me as she groaned and swirled her tongue around my clIt roughly.

We continued like that, furiously lapping and sucking and finger fucking each other simultaneously until, almost as one, we came. We thrashed and bucked and screamed each other’s names as our juices showered over the other girls’ lips and we rode out our climaxes together.

Carine was the first to move, lifting her sweet, beautiful cunt away from my mouth and replacing it with her lips. Our kiss was sweet and languid as our tongues danced and our salty cum mixed together in our mouths.

When we pulled apart, Carine smiled, our wetness glistening on her lips. “We should probably be headin’ back inside…”

I sighed at the thought of returning to the family fuck-fest that was hopefully winding down inside. There wasn’t a hope in hell anybody in that house could make me cum the way Carine had.

Her smiling lips pressed against mine once again, her hand absently kneading at my tits. “… ‘Cause I’d sure as shit love to fuck ya on the dinin’ table where the whole damn family can see.”

Her words had me grinning before she could even finish.

We would be finishing off this family reunion with a bang, and I already couldn’t wait for next year’s.

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