Kym, Meg and Jon

Kym’s nerves were shot and she could feel herself shaking as she held out her glass for more poison. White wine always relaxed her. She could feel the muscles in her inner thighs begin to loosen, though occasionally they contorted as she pressed them hard together. If she sat in just the right way, and closed her legs with just the right amount of pressure, she could feel intense shockwaves of pleasure deep within her loins.

The party was full of eligible bachelors, men with well toned torsos, prominent jaw bones and muscular arms that could dominate the female form or protect it from harm. Kym couldn’t deny the fact that sometimes she just wanted to get fucked, and tonight was one of those nights. She wasn’t sure about the party, wondered if a night alone with a warm bath and candles would have been better. She was so horny that she wasn’t sure she could bare all of the small talk, the standard chat-up lines and funny one-liners that the guys could spill all night long. She just wanted to get straight to it, straight to the fucking, no strings attached, just straight up and down sex. Sometimes she wanted to be wooed and loved and treated with respect, but tonight her pussy was doing the talking. She could already feel it between her legs, almost smell the moistness of her sex as she sat at the mini-bar.

Sometimes her own thoughts shamed her, but mostly they just increased her arousal. She had to keep squeezing her thighs together as she checked out the men walking back and forth to the bar. She could feel them checking out her tight ass. Her long blonde hair was a great weapon to first get a man’s attention, and then she used her sensual, blue eyes to reel them in. There was one particular man that had caught her eyes, but he wasn’t her usual type. He was sat in the corner of the room, minding his own business, wearing a smart suit with a tie. The house-party had been a rather posh affair and she already felt underdressed in her short red skirt. Without letting that get to her she made her way across the crowded room. Nearly every man looked at her as she walked like a cat, prowling across the room with her short skirt, exposing her bronze toned legs and leaving little to the imagination.

Her mother’s advice had always been along the lines of – ‘The less you show him, the more he’ll respect you and want a long and lasting relationship.’ That was a good one, but Kym couldn’t understand why her mum was so naive, did she never think that sometimes her daughter just wanted to get fucked, good and properly fucked. Maybe it was her private education that had spawned her overt sexuality. She had been brought up in a world so sexually repressed, that now she just wanted to be eaten out by strangers in an effort to balance the flow.

She got to the other side of the room and then felt stumped for words. The man seemed shy, with his head turned away and peering down towards the ground.

‘Hey you at this party or not, it looks like you don’t want to be here?’ she said as she helper herself to a seat next to him. The black leather sofa was comfortable and for some reason it amplified the feeling of wetness between her legs. So far there had been no touching; only the subtle act of squeezing her thighs together at the bar. She wondered how much wetter she would get by the end of the night, either alone or in the hands of a man.

‘I am enjoying the party, I just feel a little tired that’s all,’ he replied.

His voice was soft and sensual and Kym couldn’t help but notice the smoothness of his skin. He wasn’t manly and butch like her usual catch, but there was something about him that intrigued her, like gravity he reeled her in.

‘So do you know the host of the party then?’ She asked, fluttering her eyelashes at him.

‘Yeah, I know him really well actually.’

‘Oh, how well do you know him?’ She asked. Her senses were beginning to wonder if he was gay – if perhaps she had caught a dead fish.

‘I’m the host’ he replied. ‘I’m the host and I’m just about to ask everyone to leave, do you think they’ll mind?’

Kym shook her head. ‘No I don’t suppose so, does that include me as well?’

The man shook his head and then got up and talked to another man who had been dancing on the makeshift dance floor. Eventually everyone stumbled out with their respective partners, or their catch of the night. Kym was unsure exactly what it was she had caught. She had heard from a friend of a friend about the party so she didn’t know anything about its two hosts, or if in fact they were a gay couple.

As she sat on the leather sofa with a wine glass still in her hand, the man left his male friend and came over to her. ‘Okay, my friend is going to do a little cleaning up in the kitchen. I can show you the rest of the house if you’d like.’

She nodded and then took his hand. His skin felt so smooth to the touch and his fingers wrapped around her hand so elegantly. She wondered if he’d have enough in him to fuck her good, but then she imagined him making love to her more sensually, more affectionately. casino oyna She wondered as she followed him up the stairs what sort of lover he would be, and then the dirty part of her brain tried to imagine his erect penis and how big it could get. Once they were on the upstairs landing, the man led her into the bedroom. ‘Why don’t you take a seat on the bed.’

She did as he asked and for the first time she felt unsure of the situation, the only thing she knew without doubt was that she was hornier than ever, perhaps too horny to trust herself in the hands of such a delicate looking man. She looked around the room and was taken aback by the femininity of the colours, the most alarming being the pink pillows that rested on the bed, hardly the choice of a bachelor.

‘You’re different than other men I’ve been with,’ she said, hinting for clues on his sexuality.

The man tilted his head to the floor again. ‘Do you not like me? Say now if you don’t.’

‘It’s not that,’ she replied, ‘I find you attractive and mysterious, but I don’t feel that you’re completely comfortable about putting out those vibes.’

The man shook his head and fell to his knees. ‘It’s no use. I feel like a fraud in these clothes. I might as well tell you…’

‘Tell me what?’ She said, holding out her hand ‘Please tell me, you’re driving me nuts here.’

The man paused for a moment and then slowly removed his wig, ‘I’m a woman. I thought it would be easier to gain another women’s attention if I dressed like a man, but I guess I didn’t think about what I would do if things got serious.’

‘Oh my God, it was staring me in the face all this time,’ Kym said. ‘What’s your name?’

‘Megan,’ she replied. ‘Listen you can leave now, I didn’t think any of this through. Dressed like this I was always only going to attract a heterosexual woman.’

Kym was confused. Megan had removed her mask and showed herself to be a woman, but the attraction was still there, she wasn’t repulsed by the idea. She had kissed her girlfriends on drunken nights out, sometimes even felt a tingle in her pussy from doing so, but the thought of going further than that with a woman had never crossed her mind. Now in the moment she felt her heart begin to race and an excitement pulsing through her veins. She got up from the bed and there was a little voice inside her head telling her to run for the door and to not look back, but there was also another voice that told her to stay. That particular voice was the same one that controlled her arousal, the one that screamed out with pleasure at the release of a mind-blowing orgasm.

She took Megan’s hand and gently stroked the back of it, noticing the red sullen eyes that looked back up at her. ‘Why are you so sad?’

Megan wiped away her tears. ‘Well tonight my husband agreed that if I could pull a woman, then he would let me sleep with her. He’s known about my bisexuality for a while and thinks it would be good for our marriage if I just get it out of my system.’

Kym ran her fingers through Megan’s auburn hair and felt that familiar tingle between her legs as she thought about where it could lead. She was caught up in the moment and was slightly shaken by the figure standing in the doorway.

‘Hey if something’s going to happen, do you girls mind if I just sit and watch?’ The man asked.

Kym got on her knees and whispered into Megan’s ear. ‘Is that your husband?’

Megan nodded. ‘Yes, that’s Jon.’

Jon was tall and muscular with a body that suggested he worked out. His black-hair was long and his face looked like he came from Italian descent, for he had that Stallone jaw and drooping eyes. Kym tried to undress him with her eyes and she liked what she saw. While thinking of him she caressed Megan’s neck with her lips. Jon had taken a seat in the corner of the room, subtlety caressing his cock through his black trousers.

‘So you just want to watch huh?’ Kym said, teasing him.

Jon looked across the room and smiled. ‘Yeah for now anyway.’

Kym took her top off exposing her dark-red bra underneath as Megan started to fondle her breasts through the fabric. It was then that Kym moved forward and their tongues met in a passionate collision. The moist and velvety feel of a woman’s tongue inside her mouth almost made her cum on the spot, but instead it just dissipated deep inside her, a rumbling wave of pleasure that waited impatiently for release. They temporarily parted lips as they moved over to the bed, both of them undressing along the way.

In a fit of excitement Kym threw Megan onto the bed and then undid her bra, exposing her pert breasts and erect brown nipples. Kym couldn’t resist wetting the nipples with her tongue before putting her whole mouth around and feeling the softness of Megan’s skin on the surface of her tongue. She felt like she was making love to herself, making love to her own kind.

‘That feels good,’ Megan whispered. ‘Now it’s your turn.’

Megan undid Kym’s bra and exposed her breasts. Kym first felt Megan’s warm tongue as it canlı casino slid over her nipples, teasing them with tantalising pleasure until her whole right nipple was in her mouth, being sucked by a woman. Kym’s pleasure was only heightened by the fact that she was at the mercy of a feline creature, a creature with a pussy of her own, someone who knew the pleasure it could induce, the waves of pleasure it could create.

Still thinking about that she felt Megan’s fingers as they pulled her skirt down to the floor where her legs hung over the bed. It was then with eyes closed that she felt Megan pull down her red silk panties. She could feel the coldness of the air as it hit the moistness of her plump and shaven pussy.

‘You’re already wet down there,’ Megan said smiling.

Kym was used to a man diving straight in, no teasing, just sticking his tongue in as far as it could go, but Megan’s approach was different, it was smooth and sensual. First Megan concentrated on her outer labia, teasing and tickling with her tongue, but then very slowly she worked her way inside and towards her inner wetness. It was wet on wet as Megan’s tongue moved in circles, her saliva mixing with Kym’s pussy juice. Kym felt herself slowly edging towards an orgasm but she didn’t want to orgasm yet, instead she wanted to taste Megan’s pussy. They swapped places, with Megan on the bed and Kym between her legs, moving one finger over her frilly knickers, teasing her for all it was worth. ‘Just do it, please,’ Megan cried as she pulled her knickers aside.

Kym pulled them to the floor and was in awe at the sight of Megan’s beautiful pussy. She had a small and neatly trimmed area of pubic hair on her Mons pubis, and below was two plump lips with a swollen clit. ‘You look ready for some action,’ Kym said as she slowly moved her tongue towards the forbidden fruit. As her tongue first made contact with the outer lips of Megan’s pussy, she caught a glimpse of Jon sat in the corner, furiously stroking his cock. She knew she had to invite him. ‘Hey Jon, do you want to satisfy my pussy while I’m satisfying your wife?’

In what seemed like only a fraction of a second Jon was behind her. He ripped the condom wrapper open with his teeth and then feverishly rolled it down his already greasy cock. Kym had started to really work on Megan’s pussy by the time Jon entered her from behind. Her pussy was so slippery and wet that his hard cock plunged inside of her and pummelled her insides. The feeling was electrifying and she felt her clit become even more erect as short spasms exploded within her, mini ripples that promised an unprecedented orgasm. ‘Yeah fuck me harder,’ she screamed.

Megan got up from the bed and started to fondle Kym’s breasts and kiss her lips, which were covered in their mixed juices. The salty kiss sent Kym over the edge and so she reached down and played with her clit as Jon wrapped his strong muscular arms around her stomach and continued to fuck her pussy from behind. The first few waves of her orgasm seemed to grip her entire body and as the tip of her pleasure arrived she felt the muscles inside her vaginal walls contract around Jon’s cock, squeezing his manhood for all it was worth. She collapsed face first on the bed, sweat dripping down her face as the crescendo of her orgasm fluttered away and left every one of her muscles relaxed and strangely satisfied.

It was Megan’s turn next, but she apparently liked to be taken by her husband while lying on her back with her buttocks resting on the end of the bed.

‘Hey I want you to sit on my face while my husband fucks me,’ she requested.

Kym didn’t argue and she got a great view of Jon’s cock as it slipped in and out of Megan’s now slippery and wet pussy. Kym’s own pussy was enjoying Megan’s smooth and erotic tongue play. She felt her teasing and satisfying her now ultrasensitive little bean by flicking it with her tongue. Each and every small contact sent violent pulses of pleasure through her entire body, each one like little orgasms as she watched husband and wife fuck. It was then that Kym felt another orgasm begin to build up inside her. She had had multiple-orgasms in the past, but had only ever achieved them on her own. Now she was being taken towards ecstasy by a female lover, the taboo of which in her own mind had only served to intensify the erotic feelings that flooded her veins.

‘You taste so good,’ Megan said.

Kym was already way on her way to a second orgasm when Megan started to rub her anus with her thumb. The combined stimulation of both her anus and pussy made her muscles contract in an instant. Before she knew it Megan had inserted half of her finger inside of her anus and as the orgasmic contractions ebbed and flowed within her, she felt her anus contract around Megan’s little finger, lengthening and enhancing the waves of pleasure that flowed through her entire body until they faded into a satisfaction somewhere deep within her body.

‘I’m going to cum,’ Jon shouted as a look of hard concentration overcame him.

Kym got off kaçak casino of Megan’s face and then they both leaned forward as he shot multiple streams of hot cum across their faces. The first few jets were so powerful that one went right over their heads and the other landed on Megan’s ruby red lips. Once he was done and as his cock slowly throbbed, Kym couldn’t resist French kissing Megan and sharing Jon’s cum in a snowball. They passed his cum back and forth between their lips until eventually all of it was in Megan’s mouth and Kym watched in awe as Megan signalled for Jon to open his mouth. He lied flat out on the bed and opened his mouth wide as she dribbled it from her lips. Kym almost felt herself orgasm for a third time as she witnessed a mixture of their saliva and Jon’s own cum trickle into his mouth.

The three of them rested on the bed for a while, a mixture of sweat and cum, but then Megan still wasn’t quite done. She produced a strap-on dildo from under the bed and then smiled at Kym, ‘I’m not done yet, fuck me with this until I cum.’

Kym didn’t need to be asked twice. She attached the strap around her back and tightened it until the dildo stuck up in the air just like an erect penis. This time Megan got in the doggy position on the bed, bent over and waited for Kym to enter her from behind. There was no need for lubrication as Megan’s pussy was already dripping wet with white, milky girl cum. The dildo entered her with ease and Kym couldn’t believe she was experiencing sex completely through the eyes of a man, overpowering a woman and fucking her from behind with her strap-on. Feeling even more like a man she grabbed hold of Megan’s long auburn hair and gently pulled it as she thrust back and forth, watching the dildo slipping in and out of her glorious hole. Jon was resting his head on the pillows of the bed and was gently massaging the top of his penis that was red and swollen from their frantic sex.

‘Yeah fuck me hard,’ Megan screamed. ‘I’m cumming, I’m cumming, oh please fuck me, fuck my brains out.’

Kym embraced Megan’s body and wrapped her arms around her stomach as Megan pulled back and arched her back as the ripples contracted through her spine and seemed to flood her entire body. Megan collapsed flat on the bed as Kym massaged her back, running her fingers through the hot sweat that seeped from every pore of her bronzed skin. ‘That was the most amazing orgasm I’ve ever had,’ she said as she panted like a dog, recovering from the pleasure.

‘I’m so glad you liked it,’ Kym said. ‘Do you have enough energy left to fuck me the same way?’

Megan turned around and grinned from ear to ear. ‘Of course, it would be my pleasure.’

Kym felt really naughty all of a sudden. ‘Do you have any lubrication?’

‘Yeah I think we do, but do you really need it?’

Kym undid the strap on and handed it to Megan. ‘You do for what I have in mind.’

There was a pause but it didn’t take long before Megan nodded and understood what she meant. Jon handed Megan the lube as Kym got on her knees with her ass in the air.

‘You ready then babe?’ Megan said as she poured lube over the strap-on dildo, ‘I’ll start off slow with my fingers, and then when I think you’re ready… I’m gonna fuck you hard in the ass with this thing.’

Kym loved her dirty talk as she used her elegant fingers to slowly massage her anus. There was a shocking coldness as she poured a good amount of lube over her warm hole. It felt cold at first but then she started to warm it up with her fingers until eventually she slowly inserted one finger in halfway and then further still, wriggling it about and touching the inside walls of her anus. She felt so erotic, bent over with a girl exploring her anus with a finger, feeling her inner walls that seemed to produce a fresh and exciting arousal that she had never experienced before. ‘Yeah that feels good baby, keep going,’ she said.

Megan now had the strap-on tied around her waist and Kym felt the tip of it as Megan nudged forward, positioning it with her fingers until the tip was in enough for her to gradually ease it in, bit by bit. Within minutes Megan was fucking her good from behind, stretching her anal walls and enlightening a new sense of pleasure, a deep, unbound and ribbed kind of pleasure that tingled up her spine, her neck and into her brain. She never felt more alive as the pleasure built up inside her entire body. To add to the already almost unbearable feelings she started to play with her own pussy, feeling its inner wetness, cradling her fingers inside herself. Every time Megan shoved the dildo up her ass, she could feel the squeeze between it and her fingers, the thin wall that separated her vagina from her anal passage. The feeling was so erotic that she felt the brim of an orgasm, burgeoning, building and tipping over like a torrent of tension suddenly releasing itself.

For the first time in her life she squirted all over her hand, and so much liquid spurted from her pussy that she had formed a small puddle on the bed. She then collapsed in her own juices with Megan on top of her, still feeling the gentle contractions inside her pussy and anus, and occasionally jumping with the acute pleasure brimming throughout her nerves and veins.

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