Liv’s Legacy: Paula Pt. 02

(Author’s note: All of these stories are intended for a very specific audience—lesbians who’ve had problems with religious beliefs, and their overwhelming desire to love another woman. The mental and emotional stress they have been subjected to, while wholly unnecessary and erroneous, still takes its toll on those so afflicted.

These stories were meant to reach lesbians, thus though they have much religious text in them, they would most likely not be seen by most lesbians if placed in the Essay category. Beside that, they all are set as stories, thus placement in the Lesbian category. If you still wish to read them, please keep these items in mind.

All citations are accurate within the bibles (King James Version and New Revised Standard Version, plus some from The Catholic Bible) they are taken from, and you are welcome to verify all of it. In fact, I hope you do verify it all as it will lead you, if you need it, to the truth of the lies we are told, and an understanding of how those lies are affecting so many, and in so many ways. Also, the historical evidence is also known as accurate, and you are welcome to verify that as well. Solo Veritas! Thank you.)

(Reading note: All of these stories are about lesbians who have had problems—great or small—with religion in their church and/or religious family, as well as how religion was being used to shame lesbians with much believed lies. The stories are best understood, and make more sense if read in sequence of submission, which is: The Devil’s Gateway, parts 1 and 2; Fortune’s Wiles, parts 1 and 2; Liv’s Legacy: Anise; and finally, this one, Liv’s Legacy: Paula, part 1 and 2. Thank you.)

Chapter 9

It was true. I hadn’t dreamed it. I was naked. Liv was naked. My body felt like it was glowing, and my pussy was glowing happily, contented. We had made love, and we were in love. Then again, maybe it was what they called a lucid dream, a dream where I knew I was dreaming, but could alter it. If that was so, I would alter it so that it never ended. This dream would never end.

Upon both of us awakening, we each attempted to snuggle into each other’s pussy, but to our great surprise, though it shouldn’t have been, we had to run and relieve ourselves.

“Can’t even enjoy ourselves first thing in the morning. Now that’s a shame if there ever was one,” Liv said with a rueful smile, then laughed and hugged me. “Good morning, my beautiful Paula.”

I sighed. “Good morning, my more than beautiful Liv. Can I enjoy you as we are at least for the day?” I entreated her.

“As much as we can, but only if I get to enjoy you too.”

“Mm, I’d love that,” I said, snuggling in her arms as we stood.

“How about we go back to bed for a short time?” she suggested.

“Yesss,” I quickly agreed.

And then I was atop of her again, but her legs didn’t open up, for which I was both glad and sorrowful.

“That was something else last night, huh?” she asked.

“You mean when you opened your legs and we tried to love ourselves to death?”

She giggled. “Yeah, that’s what I mean, baby. Geez, I couldn’t get enough of you.”

“Me either. I couldn’t get enough of you, and I couldn’t give you enough of me,” I giggled too.

We took the time to hold each other, then to gaze longingly into each other’s eyes. Shortly, Liv pushed me so I’d be on my tummy, and began kissing and caressing my back, my cheeks, and my thighs.

“So lovely, Paula. I feel as if I want to bite your cheeks off, they look so scrumptious, and it burns in me to do that, but I know if I do, I’ll mess up how gorgeous your butt is. Why are you tempting me like this?” she said, and began kissing my cheeks, and nibbling on them.

Her fingers were too close to my pussy, and that by intent, I was sure, and I began squirming under her hands, though I was loving how my cheeks were feeling under her lips and fingers. I couldn’t help but sigh, then squirm repeatedly.

“I do love you so much, baby,” she told me, then spread my legs, and lifted my hips until I was helping her by getting on my knees.

Liv slid under me, her legs dangling off the bed, I was sure, and began licking my pussy. It was so erotic, the sneaky way she did it, how she was loving me so sweetly and making me shudder.

“Sit up, baby,” I heard her muffled whisper.

Though it confused me, still I tried to do as she asked. In the end, I was over her as if sitting on her face, and looking down as best I could, my eyes enthralled by seeing Liv under me, and licking so lovingly, then taking my mound and clitoris and driving me wild. Too wild, it was such a delicious feeling as she had me. A few times, I had to worry about sitting on her face too much, and that was a torture in itself as I wanted her face all the way in me. And then it was too much, my hips madly jogging on her face, then sitting fully on her, the joys all exploding in me, bolts of sensual lightning constantly flashing through me until I fell over in joyful exhaustion.

“God, casino oyna I think I could eat your pussy without end if you could take it, you’re so delicious,” she confessed with a strained voice as she fought to breathe as if she’d done more than just lick me. Then again, I knew how loving her had me feeling so short of breath too.

“You make me so happy, Liv, and I love how you love me. If I could, I’d let you eat me as you wish, and I’d love to do the same with you.”

“I’d love to keep on like this, but I don’t want you dying on me just yet, if ever, so I think we should get up.”

We did, then I stared at her. “Can I keep looking at you at least?”

She groaned. “God, girl, you’re going to kill us if I don’t kill us first. Yeah, let’s have some fun looking at each other.”

Looking to my hearts content, at least through our coffee and breakfast which was cereal lest we burn ourselves from carelessness, we kept our eyes glued to each other.

“We should at least wear panties so we don’t foul up the sofa,” she said, going to the bedroom.

“Or towels maybe?” I suggested.

She gave me a look of fake disgust, but pulled out a couple of towels for us to sit on. I grinned my happiness at her. Actually, she had four towels, two for our backs.

“Now do you think we’re going to get anything done being like this?” she asked, her face accusing me.

“No,” I said, without shame. “Not a thing but love each other, or I can just love you and you can sit there and enjoy it.”

“Hush, or I may have you do that, you love me so good,” she whispered, pulling me down to her lap so she could tempt us both, her with her hands all over me, my breasts in particular, and me with my eyes wanting to be devouring her nipples that were so hard and sexy looking, begging for me to take them.

“God, I can’t just hold you like this,” she said lifting me up so my lips could suckle her nipple. “Oh, baby, your mouth is so sweet on my nipple I feel like I could come from you doing that to me.”

“That’d be nice,” I said as I pulled away, then resumed what I was doing.

My lips suckled her even more enthusiastically, my teeth lightly scraping them, or gently biting on them. Not letting up, I could feel her becoming more and more excited.

“You’re making me so horny, baby. Oh, god, you’re doing itttt,” she said as she shivered in her orgasm. “You brat, you made me come.”

“Really? Let me see,” I said, giddy with loving her as I was.

Squirming to push my face between her legs, then forcing them apart, I licked at her, and felt her shiver again, but only mildly. She tasted too good to leave alone, and I forced her to lay down and spread her legs for me. Naturally her face was now at my pussy, and she was licking it as I was hers. This sex with the love we had was beautiful, and we were enjoying it as much as we could. Maybe we would taper off later, but for now, we had to make love.

“You’re sweeter than I thought you might be, and horny as can be too.”

“Is that bad?” I asked quietly, still enjoying lapping up the love that still seeped out of her pussy.

“No, baby, it’s not bad at all, it’s great, and I love it as I love you. You be as horny as you want to, and I’ll try to give you all you want.”

“You’re all I want; you and your love,” I said, kissing her slick lips.

* * * *

We were that way with each other for several days, and it was much sweeter than I could ever have imagined. It was as if everything had not only changed, but the world and how I looked at it too, but then we knew that we had to do some work, some studying, and me a lot of learning. More, the world I used to know had to be confronted once more—I had to call my mother again.

“Are you with another lesbian?” she asked right off, her voice quavering as if hoping against hope, and also letting off a sense of indignation.

“Yes, Mother, I am, but…”

“Then there’s no sense in calling us,” she said, her tears sudden and distinctive.

“Mother, please,” I was able to say before she hung up, though I knew she didn’t hear me.

That was it. If I was a lesbian, she didn’t want anything to do with me, regrettable though she felt about leaving me out of her life. I didn’t want her out of my life either, but this is how I was born, and this is how I loved being, and my love of Liv was the most important thing in my life.

Liv comforted me, and after a while, I was resolute in continuing my learning.

Yes, we did taper off, but not so one could notice it. Still, we did as we had set out to do, me to learn, and Liv to work on her project. As I read, and found something particularly interesting, I’d comment, or question it, and Liv would talk with me about it, and have me look it up either in the bible or on the Internet.

After a few weeks of hard learning, I began to help Liv put her project together. I was more than impressed by how she did it, how she demanded that it be as accurate as she could make it.

“There canlı casino may be an error to two, but if we can, we have to find them before I do anything with it,” she said.

Her devotion to finding out the truth of things had me in awe of her. She had shown me what she called the truth of the lies, that is, she’d proven to me that much of what we’d been told to believe was not true, and a lot of it plainly false. It no longer shocked me to be finding out things that just weren’t so in the bible, it was so fraught with errors, though some not as apparent as others.

Then at long last, she felt she was ready, and had it all broken down into what she hoped would be sessions lasting approximately two hours each, and each session in two one-hour, or so, segments. She even went through them with me as an audience of one.

“Be critical, baby. Any errors, or anything not just so-so, let me know about it, and don’t hesitate or be afraid. No, be afraid of not telling me if you do see, or feel something not just right,” she exhorted me.

Next she took the time to wonder what props she would need, and when. She was being very thorough. When she felt she was ready, she left me at home while she went out to find a place to hold her classes, and finding them, to give the information to several outlets to publicize them.

Now that her project was ready to begin, I finally started to seriously wonder about finding a job so I could contribute as good a share of the finances as I could. When I told her about it, she grinned.

“Honey, neither you nor I have to work ever, only if you just want to. I’ve meant to tell you, but honestly, we’ve had time for nothing but loving, learning, and the project,” she kept grinning. I expected her to say more, and she did.

“I’m living off of a trust that’s been providing for me for a long time, and it’s pretty healthy, so not to worry, okay?”

“For now, I guess,” I said as I thought of what she’d told me, how unexpected it was. At least now I knew why she never seemed to have a job, or worry about one.

* * * *

When it was time for her first class, I honestly expected that she’d be real nervous, but she wasn’t; she was confident when her first class came up. Though I would have loved to have gone with her, I stayed at home not wanting her to be looking at me and perhaps wondering if I was seeing something wrong. She didn’t need any distractions, and I didn’t want to be one.

She’d cajoled the county to make one of their public buildings available on Saturdays in the afternoon each week. To hear her tell it, it wasn’t difficult to do.

“Baby, every lesbian deserves to know the truth, especially if she’s been put through the hell that your church, and, sorry to say, your family, put you through. It’s all a lie whether they realize it or not, and that’s fine with me, but not when they try to force lesbians through intimidation or brainwashing to accept what isn’t so. No lesbian is going to give up being a lesbian in her heart, if she truly is a lesbian as you and I are, and it’s not right to try to brow beat them as they do.”

I had asked Liv once if she believed in god in any way.

Her answer was, “If there is a god, I’m all for it, if not, I don’t want to worship a god that isn’t truly a god other than in someone’s very active mind.”

“How might there be a god?” I asked in my desire to know all I could.

“None of us have any idea, hon, not as far as I know, or from anyone that I’ve read so far. All we have is science, and though we’ve learned a lot, we still haven’t been able, as far as I know, to discover a way to prove a god, or to disprove one. There is a lot of discussion about it, and maybe too much on both the yea and nay sides. Maybe someday we’ll honestly know. In the meantime, there is a lot of wonder in not only the universe, but in our world too.”

“We can’t disprove one in any way?” I had to ask after all she had just said.

“No, we can’t, but what we have being foisted on us, that we can disprove, and most of it by the bible and known by objective history. Science, I believe, is starting to add much to help disprove it, like the cloning, or just about completely cloning Eve. And for sure, we are atoms, not dust, and all are made of atoms that made molecules, that eventually made our cells which make us. Of that there is no doubt, and it’s been a long process, one that may have happened on other planets, or is starting on some. I say ‘may have’ because we don’t know for sure, but I think we can extrapolate from what we know about how we became here on earth.”

She was positive about what she said, but was cognizant of the fact that with others in a class, she had to be careful of how she put it, and when.

Chapter 10

When she returned from her very first class, I gave her a hearty kiss to welcome her home as she pulled me tightly into her. “How was it?” I asked.

“Good, I think. A lot of them were shocked, some wondered how they had never kaçak casino seen it or heard about it—and right at the start. After that they got into it, and they all seemed to very much want to come to the next session.”

“It’s easy to see why they didn’t see it initially. After sitting with you, and seeing what a jumble it all really is, and how we just believed what we were told, not to mention, accepting our parents word for it, it’s no wonder we all missed seeing any of it.”

“Yeah, and I did too until I got to looking and wondering, then got lucky as can be and found a few books that made sense, and not just rah-rah books.”

“Your ‘me-to’ books,” I grinned.

“Oh yeah, them, and there’s loads of them out there, and people making scads of money off of them, not to mention recording songs. Some may be sincere, but most? Who knows.”

“Want some wine now, or wait until we eat?”

“Mm, first another kiss. That other one wasn’t enough,” she said, and gave me a huge, sloppy kiss. “Yeah, that’s better. Now what’s for supper, hon?” she asked, having enjoyed more than just the kiss, but then so did I.

“For you, on this special night, lasagna, and a big salad to go with it, and some big, fancy black olives. Oh, and garlic bread too. How’s that?”

“Yum! I’d rather have you, but for starters, it’s excellent,” she leered at me.

I had to laugh. If I’d ever had a happier time in my life, I didn’t remember it. Liv was my love, my everything. She was peeling all the layers off of my old, big, ugly, silent onion that used to be my quietly secretive self.

“When do you think you’ll be ready to eat?”

“Right now, you. Oh, you mean the lasagna.”

“Take your pick. The lasagna doesn’t care, and I’m ready for you all the time, save when you’ve about worn me to a frazzle.”

“Maybe I’ll relax a few, then change into as little as possible so we’ll be ready if the notion strikes us.”

“Few or no clothes is good.”

“Yeah, it is. Be right back.”

She was, and we had a little foreplay with each other’s body, though she only wore some slippers, which I loved, and true to her word, little else. I did love seeing Liv’s body, her gorgeous breasts that bobbed so salaciously, not to mention the rest of her, she looked so sexy to my libido. Yes, I was still horny for her, always wanting to make love, but we had settled down a little, though not much. We were meant for each other the way I saw things. Liv thought so too.

Though I’d always been so quiet, and my soft voice helped others see me that way too, around Liv, I was rapidly becoming very free. It never bothered me that I was quiet around others, especially strangers as when we went grocery shopping together, or me alone, which was very rare. I chalked that up to habit, from my old fear of being known as a lesbian, recognized as I had imagined anyone could if I let them see too much of me. That’s what the silence I practiced made me like, but I didn’t mind as long as Liv didn’t. It never affected our love, and of course, she’d taught me how beautiful physical love could be, so there was never any holding back on my part for her physical love.

We had wine with our dinner, but I only had an occasional sip. A half of a glass lasted me forever in the house. After dinner we sat in the living room, Liv with another half glass, and me still with the half glass I started out with.

“It was really good. They were all up for it, and a couple had had a bad time from their church, one especially, and I think it really started to help her out, other than getting her dander up, that is.”

“From my perspective, I think you put it all together marvelously. Anyone who is honestly looking to learn will certainly do that.”

“I hope so, hon. There’s really no sense in any of us being made to tolerate how they say we are, making us out to be horrible in god’s sight. Those who started it all did a whale of a job making it a Zeitgeist for the ages.”

Food can make one want to relax, especially if it’s delicious food that you like, and we did love lasagna. That’s by way of saying that for a good spell our sex was our looking longingly at each other from time to time. My eyes certainly flared madly a few times. My libido was ready even if my lazy, and food satisfied body wasn’t, but that was about to end as we talked ourselves out.

“Ready for a shower?” she asked.

“Thought you’d never ask,” I said, my libido doing the talking for me, and she knew it. She’d taught me to be a sex monster, but one for her whenever she was near me, or if I even thought of her, which I had a few times while she was in class.

That I had been changing a lot was true, and after the first few times, I nearly stopped having any doubts about anything she told me, but she still made me prove her out. To me, the most startling thing was my outward self, how I no longer held anything back, though only with Liv. With her, I held nothing back at all, including my body that dearly loved her, and her body.

Showering was one of our favorite things to do besides each other. The love we shared was a beautiful thing to me, as I knew it was to her, and we still liberally helped each other wash our bodies.

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