Mary’s story Part 26

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Mary’s story Part 26“Perhaps he will be upset because his wife let him down in front of the other women by not being tattooed enough? Perhaps he wants to go to the Butterfly Club and will be annoyed because you will have to lie on the floor every time you go because your tattoo is not on show when you are standing up?” “But I can’t; and I hate to think what the WI President will say when she finds out about all this. We will all be thrown out.” Sue said, “Would that be a woman about 65 with black hair, called Hillary?” “Oh God, was she there? I was sure that she wasn’t invited.” “Didn’t you hear everyone shouting, “The Pres is in the Chair! Go Hillary.” She was great, and what a story. What amazed everyone was that her pussy was tattooed already. It seems that she had had an affair over 40 years ago, and her husband had found out about it. He forced her to have the word, SLUT tattooed there in four inch high, solid black, capital letters. She had to keep herself shaved every day so that it would always be visible. He reasoned that gossip would get back to him if she strayed again. She needed to stay with him, so she let him do it, and has been faithful ever since. She still shaves it every day even though he died three years ago. Paul covered it all with a black butterfly silhouette, so the slut is no more. “All these years with her looking down her nose at poor little me.” said Hazel, “If only I had known!” “Well, you are on a level footing now, both tattooed and in just the same situation as the rest of us.” “I know that you have a tattoo, Sue, I could see something through your overall when you were lara escort shaving me.” “Well, have a better look. Get stripped, Sue,” ordered Mitsumi, “and you might as well see this slut as well.” With that she ripped the sheet back that Mary was covering herself with. “Have fun, girls, I have to go and make some calls.”Hazel looked at Mary. “My God,” she said, “what has happened to you? Have you had surgery?” “Well, sort of,” said Sue, “she’s had her inner lips trimmed back.” “What do you mean trimmed?” “I mean cut off, sliced, scalpelled. What does it look like, you silly sod?” “Where are they, then?” “Oh, I give up. She has been circumcised, do you understand? Pull her outer lips apart, there is hardly anything left!” “We are strongly against female circumcision in the WI.” “Well goody for you, but it’s too late for her. They won’t grow back just because the WI is against it.” Mary just laid there in silence. The other two were talking about her as though she wasn’t there.“And what are those big holes for? I can see right through her outer lips. And that tattoo is disgusting. Surely it wasn’t necessary to have one that big?” “And why are her nipples bright red with holes in them?” She paused for breath, and Mary finally manged to speak, “There is only one answer to that. I am a slave and it is because my Master wishes it. I do everything that I am told to do, otherwise I will be punished.”Mitsumi came back. “Well, Hazel, I got your next of kin details from Linda and I have spoken to your husband at his office. Yes, he is very annoyed that you did not ask his permission. If he had known that you were escort lara going to get tattooed, he thinks that he should have been the one to decide what it should have been and where it was put. I have explained to him about the Butterfly club and why the girls said that you had to have a butterfly, and he is very interested. He is disappointed that your tattoo is nowhere near impressive enough, as befits his status in the town as Mayor, and he expects you to be, “sorted out” before he gets home tonight. That is quite a Japanese attitude to wives I might say. Anyway, I now have his full authority to make that happen, so we had better get started. Put your coat on.” Hazel reached for her knickers and bra. “No, I said put your coat on; you will be naked underneath.” “No.” said Hazel. “Yes,” said Mitsumi, “and I remind you that as the wife of the Mayor you must set an example to the women of the town in obedience. Do as you are told.” Mitsumi quickly dressed in her long sleeved top and leggings and all her tattoos were covered. Roughly, she pushed Hazel out of the room, causing Hazel’s coat to open below the buttons, giving them all a flash of her thigh. Hazel tried to hold her coat together, but Mitsumi quickly smacked the back of her hand. “Leave it! Perhaps you will start a new fashion in the town?”The doorbell rang and it was Bob. He had brought Betty and Fatima to see how Mary was healing. “Great,” said Mitsumi, “that’s really good timing, you can give us both a lift to Paul’s.” “Paul is closed today, he is worn out, but he is opening again tonight to give the lady customers that did not get into the lara escort bayan chair last night another chance.” “Even better, Linda can let us in through her shop. Just let me get my bag and then we can get off.” Mitsumi picked up a long thin bag and put it under her arm.Mary and Sue heard the door close, and Fatima and Betty coming up the stairs. “Is this an official visit, or are you just coming for a chat?” “Both, Mr Faisal likes for us to do house calls to check that everything is OK. But of course we want to know all the gossip as well. Who was the Japanese lady?” “Oh, that’s Mitsumi, she works with my husband when he is in Tokyo, but she has come on a visit. The best bit about her is that her body is totally tattooed from the neck down. She looks absolutely fabulous when she is naked, and I can make myself come just by looking at her.” “Well I’d better be careful in front of you,” said Betty, “a full bodysuit tattoo is what I plan for myself. I’ll have to talk to Mitsumi about it. We could be rivals for your lesbian thoughts, perhaps? I’m really jealous of all you butterfly girls, though; it will be a while before I can get mine done, but my rings are healing very well now, and it won’t be too long before I join you.” “Come on now, get undressed, we both want to see how far you have got.” To Mary’s surprise, both of the girls undressed; she had meant that she wanted to see Betty. But Fatima was also tattooed now, a very colourful butterfly which covered the scar line where her outer labia were fused together. It drew attention to the butterfly now, not the fact that there were no labia. “Ah, it looks as though Mr Faisal will be going to the club then? That will make it a bit interesting,” said Mary, “I wonder how many female members will be made to go under the knife when their Doms see how smooth Fatima is?”

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