My Meeting

The trip wasn’t long, it just seemed that way. Actually it was just a couple of hours. The jet engines roared as the pilot put them in reverse and the thrusters quickly slowed the plane down to taxi speed.

The entire trip my mind was playing considerable scenarios over and over. My hands were sweaty and my stomach was churning so much I’d passed the in-flight meal.

It had been just a few months we’d been emailing and chatting back and forth after meeting on Face Book. The messages at first were fairly plan but exploratory. Each message got a bit more detailed. We’d exchanged pictures, moving from ones that my mom was particularly pleased with to some that were taken totally without her knowledge and permission.

The man next to me, the one that had spent nearly the entire trip trying to either engage me in conversation or look down my blouse, tried once more to ‘score’ himself a teenager for the weekend. It was amusing to see him try to see my boobs even when they were teeny. My 34 A/B breasts were mainly nipples if you want to know the truth. I guess he saw them poking against the white blouse you had told me to wear. I’d also had to keep pulling down the short dress you had insisted I wear to meet you. My squirming, as the thong you had sent me had ridden up, may have given him some hope. Anyhow, I refused to even look at him. As he walked up the aisle ahead of me I saw he was at least an inch shorter than my 5’8″. I tossed my head and my brunette hair shook with disdain.

I thought about what I’d told my mom about this 3-day trip over a school holiday and hoped she’d never find out the real reason. She thought I was taking a school field trip. Since it was my freshman year at the University and I was doing so well, she allowed as maybe this trip was deserved. My dad had called from San Francisco with well-wishes and to ensure I’d received the extra money. My mom’s blonde hair was disheveled from our hugging and her crying. You’d never have guessed she was just 41. I’d never been away from her before except to visit my dad. Oh God, little did she know I was probably going to come home totally changed. I just prayed it wasn’t going to show on the outside.

The walk down the rampway was both exciting but felt perilous too. The butterflies in my stomach were having a field day. My knees were telling me I might not make it all the way. You were going to meet me in the lobby in the main terminal. Although we’d emailed and chatted almost every day in the past 2 weeks, finally meeting face to face was beginning to be more breathtaking every moment.

You’d describe yourself, sent pictures, some so graphic I didn’t need an explanation, and I’d done the same. I pictured you in my mind, tall, professional, attractive, sexy, and aggressive. Your sharing casino oyna on your webcam couldn’t do you justice; I just knew you were going to be soooooooooo much more. The trepidation I was feeling was, ‘what if you don’t like me once we meet?’ Well also, I was starting to have second thoughts as to what was going to happen to me and what I was going to do or have to do. Or, have done to me.

My second thoughts were almost like I felt the first time I’d gone scuba diving in open water. I know I’d trained and been certified but it was in a 15′ swimming pool. As I sat on the rail of the boat, my back to the water, my stomach was going 90 miles per hour. God, what was down there, what would happen, would I do something stupid, would I panic???? Then, as I rolled backwards off the 4′ rail, the fear was mixed with anticipation at the same time. It was scary but exciting at the same time. The feeling was addictive. I was feeling that now as I looked excitedly but fearfully around the waiting area for the one I’d promised I’d come to visit for several days.

I picked you out immediately; you looked younger and more desirous than I’d envisioned looking at your pictures and the webcam. You were dressed in a pants suit. It fit you like it was made for you. You looked every bit as gorgeous and sexy as I’d seen and imagined but your fabulous body was totally hidden in the pinstriped business outfit. God, it made you you. My knees went totally spastic on me and I sort of stumbled. Now I felt totally immature and silly. I knew you were only 2 years younger than my mom but you looked so appealing to me. My legs held together enough so I made to you. You looked like the domme you said you were and I’d imagined since I’d started calling you Mistress. “My Mistress.”

You didn’t speak; you just took my elbow and lead me towards the exit. I’d only brought a carry-on per your instructions as it only held a black thong, another short dress, a white blouse and my make-up kit – it wasn’t much bigger than my purse.

I started to speak but you gave me a stern look so I kept quiet. I could feel your strength from your grip on my elbow steering me towards the curb and a car that had very dark windows. I couldn’t see inside. You opened the rear door, pushed me inside and got in beside me. I could see you had a man driving. It looked liked the significant other who’s picture you’d sent me. He didn’t look around but started the car and we swept away.

My tongue was totally dry with mounting fear. I hadn’t imagined that this would be how we’d act when we met. You suddenly pulled me to you and kissed me on the mouth. It was so quick and sudden, I was momentarily startled but then I just started to melt as I felt your tongue exploring my closed mouth. I slowly and hesitantly opened canlı casino my mouth and took your tongue in. I could feel you exploring all over my tongue and lips. I started to feel a tingling inside my lower abdomen as I started responding to you. I don’t know how long we kissed but it seemed liked ages but very fast too. It was confusing. So far you hadn’t said a word. I thought it was going to be different, didn’t know what, but different.

Your hand slowly moved from my arm to my neck, then slowly down my chest to my breast. You were on my right and your hand suddenly engulfed my left breast. My extremely sensitive nipple reacted immediately and pushed against the silk blouse. You’d ordered me not to wear a bra and I was sooooo grateful it hadn’t been cold on the plane as when they are aroused, they stand out almost ¾ of an inch. I shivered as I recalled the noxious man and what he might have done if they had pushed forward as they were now.

I felt you unbuttoning my blouse and felt a twinge of embarrassment as you soon were able to see my teeny boobs. But, you seemed to be pleased with the rigid nipples that were straining to grow even longer. Suddenly you left my lips and moved you head to my right nipple. You kissed, licked and suddenly nipped it with your teeth. It hurt a little but then, as you kissed it again, suddenly felt fantastic. And, although it seemed ridiculous, seem to extend even farther. You ministrations were making me feel hot and I could sense myself getting warm and wet in the small patch of the red thong I was wearing.

The man in the front had moved the mirror and was watching but it was tilted so I couldn’t see his eyes. I felt embarrassed but, at the same time, excited that he was watching. You hadn’t said anyone was going to be with you and me and it was discomforting but, sort of exciting too. Oh God, suddenly I wondered if you’d discussed everything we’d talked about during the past 3 months of our relationship. Had you talked about the totally nasty fantasies we’d shared, my admitting to you of having bizarre thoughts when you’d mentioned you had “special” K9 pets. All of a sudden, I had a feeling like I was drowning. I could feel myself going into a situation deeper and deeper…Desperately wanting to but, scared of what might happen to me or what I might have to do. Wanting to, not wanting to… What does he think???

My resolve was melting as I felt your hand on my leg just above my knee. My short shirt had ridden up as we had kissed and I’d scooted down in the seat when you’d started playing with my breasts. You suddenly pinched and pulled one of my nipples so hard I felt pain but again, it subsided so quickly it felt good. Your hand was moving towards my thong and I knew you were going to find me wet and getting wetter. kaçak casino My thong felt like it was drenched. Suddenly I felt your fingers seeking my clitoris through the cloth. I was lost. I wanted you to pull them off and do all the things to me you’d promised you were going to do when we met.

You finally spoke and said, “Get that thong off slut”. I was taken back some as, although you’d addressed me like that in our emails, it was so close and personal now. It made me want you all the more.

I hunched up and pulled my thong off. You took it, smelled it and held it to my face for me to discover my scent. You said, “So slut, smells like you know you’re finally with your Mistress”. I sighed and responded, “Yes Mistress, I’m here for you to do to as you wish”.

“As yes my pet,” you replied, “and you’re going to do EVERYTHING we’ve talked about and more.” I shivered as my imagination went totally wild.

I cried out when your fingers, 2 of them, pushed into my virgin pussy. It felt so good but it hurt a bit too. I’d never had more than a finger there, well, other than my tampons. At first I just layed there but you started moving your fingers all around, seeking all of me and at the same time you started pinching and pulling my nips again. God, the feeling between the two was mind-boggling. I could feel myself getting wetter and felt a blush of heat as I knew everyone in the car could hear the squishing sound her fingers were making as they moved faster and faster. I was groaning, gasping and sighing all at the same time. Deep inside me I could feel a pressure building up. It was like when I masturbated but different, totally different. It was building and building…I could hear myself moaning louder and louder. Suddenly I heard myself yell, “Ohhhhhhhhh Goddddddd”, and I came.

I’m a gusher and have had to change sheets sometime when I’ve masturbated and I forgot a towel. I’ve even made a beach towel drenched at times. This was the granddaddy of all my cums. I squirted and squirted. I imagined it even hit the back of the front seat. You just cooed and kept pinching my nips and suddenly plunged 3 fingers deep inside me and another started seeking my bum. I could feel it at my opening. I’d never had anything there before and it felt nasty but, sensuous at the same time. You pushed a finger from your other hand into my cunt; got it wet and then I felt you at my sphincter muscle again. I yelled when you pushed it into me up to your second knuckle. My screams made the man turn around and he saw me, legs spayed wide, her fingers in my cunt and another in my asshole. Funny though, my screams were for you to do it more…deeper…faster… I was in heaven.

As I was coming down, you said, “My pet slut, that was just a welcome, you are going to experience EVERYTHING we’ve talked about or what you’ve imagined and fantasized about all your life. EVERYTHING.”

All I could do was whisper, “Yes Mistress, EVERYTHING.”

To be continued if Miss Rose approves…

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