My Wife Seduces The Neighbouring Couple

My Wife Seduces The Neighbouring Couple
(A Story From My Husband)

We had recently moved in to our new house at New Delhi and our neighbour on upper floor was my old friend. We somehow competed with each other during training days and therefore I always wanted to remain distant from him. I thought that he might bring in professional jealousy into our day-to-day interaction also. I never in my imagination thought that our relationship would become a very close by all means.

His wife Kavita was slim, with boy cut hair looked smart and chirpy. She could pass through for an 18-year-old girl, had you not seen her two daughters with her. I had told my wife to be very careful of this couple, as they are very dicey people. Alas, I had to change my comment later as I found them to be very luscious people.

My wife, is 5’3″ and with a very beautiful face. Her ass and breasts are her assets and even if she doesn’t want to flaunt, a person can’t help but look at these ripe fruits. I always wanted somebody to praise her assets but close enough in relation so that the aspect of jealousy doesn’t creep in. My neighbour Vijay, I caught him many times stealing a glance or two of my wife’s assets. I quietly appreciated this aspect.

One day my wife was talking to Vijay and Kavita from the lower floor. Since the couple was on upper floor, my wife had to bend forward and look up and talk. She didn’t realise that through her loose nighty, her assets could be easily seen from upper floor and Vijay was having a nice time enjoying my wife’s jumbos. It seemed Kavita was also aware of it and she continued the discussion at length. I casually followed my wife and tried to find out the subject of discussion. I found that they were discussing how to spend the winter break together in South India. I took the cue and continued the discussion while closely observing the gradually increasing bulge in Vijay’s shorts. It gave me great excitement. I could also see Vijay’s right hand missing from the scene, which he had very discreetly put on Kavita’s buttocks, and slowly massaging it. Kavita meanwhile got a cue and spread out her legs to give easy access to Vijay. In the process her nighty opened up and I was witness to one of the finest shapely legs ending at a crack supposedly with luscious lips. I decided there and then that this was the couple I was looking for fun and frolic without any sentimental involvement. I put my legs next to the staircase support and pressed my cock through shorts to the rod, as I couldn’t take it any more. My wife also observed the feast but tried to maintain a calm composure so that I could continue to enjoy the sexy legs of Kavita.

We immediately cut short the discussion and went back to our respective houses. I am sure that the bed cracking sound which followed upstairs was due to display of my wife’s breasts to Kavita and Vijay. Of course, my wife a slow starter followed suite in the night. While fucking her casino oyna in doggy style I told her the days events, which she seemingly didn’t notice. She immediately took out my cock like a pop and sternly told me to lie down. I was a bit scared as for the first time I shared my fantasy of known person. Before this we used to involve somebody with unknown faces as my wife felt shy to fantasise about any body known to us.

We had always enjoyed in fantasising a foursome. We also fantasised my wife being fucked by swimming instructor in Training Academy, by pilot in aircraft, by jungle man, by her cousin’s husband and by her neighbour. Similarly, me fucking neighbour’s wife, wife’s cousin sister or some famous celebrity. This was the first time that I offered her to try lesbian to seduce Kavita and later invite self and Vijay to join the gangbang. My wife gave me a very stern look, made me lie down and sat on top of me. I was wondering what was in the offing. She commanded me to open my mouth and brought her cunt next to it. Before I could react she was already forcing her cunt lips on my mouth. Moment my tongue touched the inner labia, she moaned and asked me this is the way you want Kavita to suck my fanny. I was taken aback and put the whole tongue inside the swollen cunt. There was no looking back thereafter. I told her to lie on top of me, her favourite style. I told her the complete plan while she was riding my cock and milking away the complete juice. Her jumbos were hitting my chest like soft balls. Her buttocks were the only thing I could hold on to ensure that she does not jump too fast on my cock. Soon my cock filled her cunt and she cried like a kitten as orgasm neared.

We lay down like this with my cock still inside her vagina and kissed each other. She told that she was very thankful to me for such a nice orgasm after such a long time. I took this opportune moment to explain her that if fantasy about our neighbour could be so exciting the real encounter will be still better. My wife’s apprehension was related to real life problem, which accrue out of it. I assured her that the advantage of such a relationship was that after one year, we will never meet each other again, therefore, nothing to worry about. While talking about future strategy to seduce our neighbours we didn’t realise when my flaccid cock got hard and started making rhythmic movements in side my wife’s honey pot which was soon going to be tasted by Kavita and Vijay. This time she was slow and deliberate as if rehearsing her likely encounter with Kavita in stage 1 which would be lesbian seduction. I also told her the advantages of such a fling was that no body will know as there was no one else in the floor below us and Vijay’s floor was the last. Since we also had two daughters like Vijay’s, they could play together and sleep together in one house and second house could be utilised for our fucking session.

The day of reckoning was not far as my wife took canlı casino out the videocassette, which we had made of our lovemaking and kept it on VCR, moment children left for school. As expected Kavita came down to say hello as the day’s work was to start at twelve noon and it was only ten in the morning. This gave clear two hours for lesbian seduction to my wife. Kavita as expected peeped in the bedroom but my wife was not there. She was knowingly taking bath in a half closed bathroom. Kavita peeped inside bathroom only to be surprised by my wife’s naked figure dripping with water. She was foxed for a moment, she immediately stepped back from bathroom door and said ‘Sorry”. My wife said that there is nothing to feel shy as you also have same assets. Why don’t you sit on the bed till the time I take bath? Kavita readily agreed and my wife purposely allowed the bathroom door to remain open so that Kavita could enjoy naked figure of my wife. Kavita could not take her eyes off my wife’s breasts, bush between the legs and the cute buttocks.

My wife came out naked and dried herself in front of Kavita. In order to break the silence, Kavita said, “Do you have any Hindi or English movie to watch as I have two hours before my maidservant arrives”. My wife said that my husband has by mistake taken the key with him; however, there is one cassette on VCR, which we watched yesterday night. Why don’t you see that? Kavita got up while appreciating my wife’s assets and played the cassette. The cassette contained all possible fucking sessions of self and wife. In the first scene itself the cunt of my wife was fully blown on the screen. That was too much for Kavita to take and she immediately realised that it was a plot to seduce her.

She immediately hugged my wife. As she explored my wife’s body, the resistance of towel gave away. My wife was standing stark naked in front of Kavita. Kavita after deep kiss in my wife’s mouth, moved down to her hardening nipples. Kavita suddenly realised that my wife’s hand was exploring her snatch. She opened her legs to accommodate my wife’s hand. As Kavita went down to the juicy lips of my wife’s vagina, my wife slowly undressed Kavita. The cassette meanwhile was showing how I was sucking my wife’s treasure between her legs. As Kavita saw the scene she immediately made my wife lie down on bed and she started doing the same. My wife meanwhile caressed Kavita’s buttocks in anticipation of things to follow. The next seen on video was of me sucking my wife’s anus for an arse fucking session. Soon, Kavita asked my wife to kneel down with butt thrusting out.

She looked at my wife’s displayed body with sheer lust in her eyes. She licked her lips greedily anticipating her next move. Kneeling on the floor behind my wife put her head in a direct line with her raised butt. She put her fingers between my wife’s legs and was happy to feel that she was in a very excited state. Kavita’s fingers slipped easily into my wife’s kaçak casino hot, wet pussy as she finger fucked her slowly. Pulling her buttocks gently apart, Kavita lowered her head and inhaled the sweet feminine aroma. It smelled so compelling, so appetising as she sunk her face between the spread globes and let her tongue slide from one end of my wife’s slit, to the other. My wife was no longer quiet and let out a howling moan. As Kavita felt her body tense, she took the opportunity to force her long pointed tongue deep into her tight hole, seeking out all the sensitive areas that only a woman would understand. As she fucked the sweet hole with her tongue, she let her long, wet index finger drift over the rounded swell of my wife’s buttocks and slide into the deep cleft between them, searching for the tiny pink hole. As her fingernail found and scratched lightly over the tight orifice, my wife pushed her hips backwards with a deep groan. Kavita’s tongue continued to rove sensuously over my wife’s slit, flicking at her hard clit as it passed, her fingernail gently exploring the petite woman’s anal ring. Moving her tongue higher, Kavita licked over the anus wetting it and then gently slipped her finger in to the first knuckle. Returning her tongue to my wife’s vagina, she began to fuck the pussy with her tongue and finger her ass at the same time.

After a marathon session, they both lied down with their bodies clung to each other. Somewhere in between the scène on video had changed to my wife sucking my medium sized thick cock. As soon as Kavita saw it on video she commented on the size of the cock. She said that Vijay’s cock is thin and long whereas your husband’s cock is quite thick. “I suppose it must be stretching you a lot,” Kavita said. My wife said that yes I do have some pain when I take it up my ass. My wife offered why don’t you try it yourself. Kavita was taken a back for a moment. She hesitated as it meant getting fucked by a person other than Vijay. She felt a tinge of mischievous pleasure between her legs as she pressed it hard against my wife’s thighs. She finally agreed to the same but how was the question. My wife told her the accidental viewing of Kavita’s cunt by her and me. Also that I was dying to get between Kavita’s legs.

Finally, the video moved to the scene of me fucking my wife in a doggy style. The humping pleasurable sounds and seeing my cock slipping in and out of my wife’s cunt, she could not take it any longer. She immediately climbed on top of my wife and spread her own labia and started hitting hard at my wife’s cunt lips. Finally she thanked my wife profusely for making her a liberated woman today. She also confessed the way she and Vijay watched my wife’s breasts from top. It excited them so much that they had to immediately go to bedroom for a fuck session. During the session, Vijay kept on asking me to get your (my wife’s) breasts to suck, Vagina and ass to fuck. This idea excited my wife so much that she asked her to try out today itself as both the husbands seemed to be very horny.

Rest of the episode will follow in next part. How have you liked the story, please do let me know.

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