In Bed with The Boss Man Ch. 01

Well I had recovered and work on Monday wasn’t quite the same. My bum was sore and my cock felt wrung out. At 19 I was still really a gay virgin although the fun after the footie match had really changed all that. I was determined to have a sex break for at least a […]

Her Grandfather’s Guitar

Dear reader: this is a contest entry, so don’t forget to vote at the end of the story. My preferred vote is “5”. Thanks for your attention! * It was an unexplored neighborhood of Eagle Rock, and although the streets were quiet and picturesque, none of them went through. Wayne had to decide whether jog […]

My Photo Album Ch. 01

I was tidying up my desk the other day when I came across my old photo-album, as I flipped through the pages I came across the photographs of Heide, Debby and Lori. I felt my self almost being transported backing time to my university days as I thought about those girls. I remember the first […]

Hot Tub Fuck

The hot tub was nice and warm as Kady laid back and enjoyed the jets of water all over her body. They had all come over from the store to relax. Sharon had helped Kady change into a very skimpy bikini . “Helped her”, bullshit, they all knew otherwise. The cougar felt her up as […]

Her Interrogation Method

Cai Wenji: I have read this from the book, it come the western I guessed She said and slowly walking close to him, Long Yi showed a worry face preparing a bullying that she has done to him again but turn surprised. Cai Wenji: I think this method is quite fit to a man like […]

My One True Christmas Wish

Author’s Note: Hey y’all…this is my entry for the Winter Holidays Story Contest 2015. For those of you familiar with my stories, you know that I try to develop the story and characters first and build up to the “good stuff”…for you newer readers – be advised this is not a quickie. As always, this […]

Coming of Age

They had only just met a couple of days ago, but already they liked each other for years. Elissa had heard that adage before but had never really understood what it meant until now. She had just turned eighteen and started her senior year of high school. She had friends, and they were nice enough. […]

Helping Tracy

“Tracy’s moving back,” Mom announced. When neither Mike or his father reacted, she asked, “You remember Tracy, right?” His father smirked across the table at Mike. “The red-head with the big tits who loved to show them off.” Mike laughed as his mother hollered. “I don’t want that kind of language in my house, especially […]

Her Fetish

I watched her from inside the car. She was gorgeous, her bag bouncing as she walked. She noticed me watching her and smiled. The Gods couldn’t have crafted a more perfect smile. I won’t tell you what she looks like, because everyone has an image of their perfect woman, and this girl is mine. I […]

Awakening of a Princess

Once upon a time there was a little man, he had a daughter that was the most beautiful girl in the trailer park. In fact she was the most beautiful girl that man had ever seen and being a good appliance repairman he had seen a lot of women. One day he happened to be […]