Sex Files from a Therapist – Chapter 2

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Sex Files from a Therapist – Chapter 2Carol slogged through the next few days, her mind clouded by her sexual surrender to her son, Zach, and her time filled at the office with mostly a few men, with their wives holding them accountable, struggling to overcome their addiction to porn. Carol did not find the porn thing to be as big of an issue as the wives did. She mostly saw what seemed like some very chilly women who had pushed their men to other sources, but she refrained from judgment and spent most of the meetings asking questions to force them to probe what they believed and why. Watching a couple in a case like this finally begin to understand each other was the true reward for Carol. Usually, it seemed to her, that was the solution, not her “fixing” someone.She continued to struggle with the guilt of taking a poorly considered path of having sex with her son. She had now stepped into the territory of those who might typically be making appointments with her to get “fixed”. Yet, the guilt for her a week later, was more about the professional ramifications if the facts were to be discovered. She was finding, following her own advice, fewer and fewer reasons to feel guilty otherwise. She loved her son, they were very close emotionally otherwise, he was handsome, clearly answering the physical attraction question, and he clearly loved and adored her. Since pregnancy was out of the question and there was no spouse to cheat on, Carol was concluding that the world needed to mind its own fucking business. Then the self-accusations would kick in. “You are an attractive woman and could have any man you wanted, really. But no, you had to be kinky and choose you own son as your sex partner. You are playing a grand psychological game with the one person you love most. How selfish can you be? The logical conclusion of this is he will find a woman his own age to love and you will be devastated. Or, best case, you will be an old woman and he will still be horny, but not for you. Again, bad ending.”These accusations were the thoughts bouncing around in her head when her next client, Ruth, came into her office. Ruth was a 40-something woman, slim, attractive in a girl next door sort of way, nice, understated figure, but also knew how to dress to accentuate her features. She was lightly tanned and wearing a yellow sun dress – no sleeves, light weight fabric, bright colors, ties at the shoulders to hold it up, and sized a little on the small size for the style, hugging her a little more tightly than the typical dress for that style. She smiled awkwardly when she walked in. Carol invited her to sit down.After brief personal introductions, Carol began their appointment in earnest. “So, Ruth, tell me what brings you here to see me?””I am here because of my oldest c***d, my daughter, Emily. I have four k**s, the other three are boys. Emily is 23, just recently graduated from college. the boys are all younger, one just starting college and then two in early high school. About six months ago, Emily confessed to me, to me only, that she was pretty sure she was a lesbian.”Carol studied the mother closely. “But why are YOU here, Ruth? It is now pretty widely accepted for people to be open and content with different lifestyles and sexual orientations.””I am here,” Ruth began, “because of something that happened between Emily and me a few weeks ago. I am confused and because she has not come out in general yet, only to me, I cannot talk to anyone about it except for someone like you. I am confused, concerned…” Ruth let her sentence trail off.”Start by telling me what happened between the two of you, Ruth. An argument? An introduction to her female lover that you can’t share with anyone else and have to pretend the other woman is just a friend?” Carol was probing but thought she might already know the answer.”No, nothing like that, Doctor. Worse. You see, I had sex with my daughter,” said Ruth, maintaining her composure, but struggling to look Carol in the eye.Carol leaned back in her chair slightly, intrigued by a second case of a mother fucking her offspring. “Tell me the details and circumstances of the encounter. Don’t worry about word choice. Just say it as it comes out. I find it keeps the conversation real and it is easier to get to the heart of the matter. You won’t offend me with word choice or language.” This had become her standard disclaimer and instruction at the beginning of each appointment. When someone wants to say “fuck” while they are trying to think of the word “intercourse” it would slow and even derail the conversation. She found it better if people would say what they were used to saying: fuck.Ruth continued, “One day on the Labor Day weekend, the whole family – which is rare – spent the day at a water park. We all enjoy the pools, the slides, the people. Normally we would try to go to the lake, but it didn’t work out this year. We didn’t want to spend the entire weekend at the water park, so we just loaded up and when for the day. We stayed longer than we should and it was closing time and near dark when we finally loaded up in the SUV to head home. We were all still in our swim wear since we got out too late to change there. My husband and oldest son were sitting up front so they could talk sports. My two youngest wanted to sit in the middle and watch a movie on the way home. They quickly put on their headphones, and ten minutes later, passed out. Emily and I were in the back. I put my arm around her shoulder. She was just wearing a bikini and I was still wearing my one piece.”We had had a series of private conversations about her sexual identity and she had told me of a couple of encounters with a young woman she really liked. She didn’t go into graphic detail, but she had picked up on my curiosity. As we sat there, with still an hour and a half to get home, she was running her hand up and down my thigh.”You bursa escort know mom, you are a very pretty woman. I am amazed at how shapely your legs are, your figure in general, and that warm, happy glow you always have about you,” she whispered to me. I whispered back to her my appreciation for her compliment and stroked her hair and back with my hand. “You are a beautiful young woman as well, Emily” I told her. Then she peered over the seat to confirm her younger brothers were actually asleep and that her day and other brother were completely engrossed in their conversation. Once she was sure of that, she reached behind and untied the top of her bikini and pulled it away, revealing her young, firm breasts to be with hard little nipples. There was just a little moonlight coming in the back window to reveal her form and detail to me. She leaned up into my ear and whispered, “I would like to show you what it’s like, mom. I have been thinking a lot lately and I realize it is you that I want. Or at least you are one of a very few that I want.””As she said that, she slid her hand over one of my breasts still in my swim suit and gave it a light playful squeeze. I reached out and cupped her tit in my hand and squeezed and then I pinched her nipple. I could feel myself breathing more heavily. I leaned in and kissed her, sticking my tongue in her mouth. She was eager for that and reciprocated while sliding her hand between my legs and rubbing my mound with her fingers. She was able to find my clit through the fabric and began to massage me and I knew she was going to take me all the way to orgasm. Then she stopped just before I tried to stop her. She said she wanted to taste me. I nearly gushed just hearing the words. She untied her bottom and removed that part of her bikini. I objected that someone might see her like this and that this was not the time or the place. She shushed me and then pulled the straps to my one piece off of her shoulders and down. I was too aroused by all of this to struggle, so I let her strip me. I positioned myself so that she could get between my legs with her face and she quickly began eating my pussy in the backseat of the SUV with the rest of the family members within a
turn of the head from seeing us.”Carol studied her closely, “Then what happened? Did you get caught by one of the boys or your husband?””I came hard on her face. I nearly bit my lip until I bled to keep from making a noise. That was the best oral sex I had ever received. Damn, I came hard. And Emily looked up and smiled at me and did it again! And I let her. I came as hard the second time as I did the first. I was totally lost in the moment now and told her I wanted to do the same for her. She nodded and leaned back in her seat and spread her legs. I got down on my knees on the floor board and placed my face right up to her. She had a neatly trimmed mound and her slim figure made those little pussy lips look so inviting. I could smell her juices as she was definitely worked up and I noticed her pert tits pointing up toward the roof of the car as she smiled at me between them. I had never given a woman oral sex before so I wasn’t sure what I was doing, but decided to do what I knew felt good to me. I cupped my hands on her shapely little ass and went to work on her with my tongue and got her off multiple times. She managed not to tip off anyone up front by keeping her cum sounds to herself. We managed to get back in our swimsuits and she laid her head in my lap, occasionally fingering me, teasing me at first, but then taking me to another orgasm as well.””So, what exactly are you confused about, Ruth? What do you see wrong here?” Carol pushed.”Seriously?” asked Ruth. “I am a married woman. I am fucking with my daughter. I did it with her in the car with four men sitting close by. Sex with another woman. And you want to know what is wrong with this picture?””My first question was what are you confused about? You don’t seem confused about anything. Yet you said you were confused when you first came in and began talking.”Ruth tried to explain, “I enjoyed it. All of it. Doing it with a woman, Doing it with the men in my life just inches and feet away, fucking my daughter, all of it. My husband told me one time that he would find it a real turn on to watch me have sex with another woman. He was serious. I spent months searching for a woman who I thought I could do that with and it was my daughter all along.””You never found a woman, as easy as it is to find playmates these days? You must not have looked very hard.””I am not that good at it. I did finally find another woman, though.””Oh? Did you fuck her with your husband present?””Not yet. I just met her. I think she might be interested, but I have to figure out how to move forward.””Interesting. Many women have fantasies about sex with other women. Many also have fantasies about being watched. Odds might be in your favor.””Would you be one of those women, doctor?” Ruth asked.”ME??? I am the woman you just met and you want to fuck me in front of your husband??”Ruth stood from her chair and walked up to Carol, still sitting in hers. Ruth knelt in front of Carol and uncrossed Carol’s legs and spread them.””Just as I thought,” said Ruth, “Your thighs are wet. I watched you as I talked and you were more than just clinically interested in my story. I want you, doctor. Can I call my husband in and surprise him?” Ruth was now running her tongue in between Carol’s legs and had pushed her skirt up above her ass. She pulled Carol’s panties off and began licking her doorway to paradise. “Well, can I get my husband in here? He thinks I am here for a physical exam. It’s his birthday. He would really get a kick out of this.”Carol was too far gone to say no. She nodded. Ruth sent her husband a text message and then resumed licking Carol’s cunt lips and rubbing her clit now escort bursa and then. A handsome man entered the room. Ruth had stopped and stood up, but Carol remained seated. “Honey, I set this whole thing up for you. You are going to watch me have sex with this woman. You can undress and jerk off on me whenever you want. Happy Birthday. Enjoy!”The man was stunned and did nothing for the longest time. Ruth removed the sun dress revealing that she was totally naked underneath. She finished undressing Carol who seemed totally oblivious to the man she had never met standing there looking at her nakedness and fumbling with his cock through his pants. The two women worked briefly to clear Carol’s desk and Carol laid back on it and Ruth climbed on top of her, sticking each other’s faces in the wet slits of the other woman. Carol had never eaten pussy before, but found it as arousing as sucking on a cock or having her own pussy licked. Carol could hear the man walk around the room getting different angles of the action in front of him. She peered out from her partner’s legs to see the man was now naked and stroking a beautiful cock very slowly. He ran his hands over his wife’s ass and occasionally felt her tits, but never touched Carol.Ruth drove her tongue deep into Carol and inserted a couple of fingers as well. Carol was close to cumming when Ruth also slid a finger up Carol’s asshole. Carol came hard as she felt both holes getting used and watched the man stroking his cock faster now. Carol worked Ruth’s cunt harder and pushed her over the edge. Ruth let out the loud guttural noises of a cat in heat as she came hard, coating Carol’s face with her cum juices. Carol motioned for the man to approach and told him to fuck his wife while she watched up close. The man quickly moved in and stuffed his hard cock in Ruth’s pussy, sinking in to the hilt in one stroke. Ruth was on the verge of cumming again and did shortly thereafter when her husband began to feverishly pound her with long and fast strokes. His balls were rubbing Carol’s face with every stroke and she watched intently from just an inch or so away as the thick cock was sliding into and out of the pussy. The folds of skin on Ruth were turned inside and then out. The skin on his cock was stretched back and then pulled tight. His balls were swaying and bouncing all over the place as they went wherever his body took them. Then the motions began to slow down as Ruth finished cumming, her husband was just beginning his. Carol watched as his cock stopped, jerked, throbbed two inches above her face and the first signs of his cum began to show around the base of his cock. She could hear him grunting and watched his balls tighten up a few times as they were obviously doing what they were supposed to do.He pulled out, Carol got a cum splash on her face, Ruth climbed off and went to her knees to clean her husband’s cock with her tongue and all three got dressed. “Same time next week?” asked Ruth.”Uh, sure. Both of you next time? Again?””Delighted.” said the husband. The couple left Carol to pull her shit together before her next appointment.While Carol used her private washroom to freshen up, she contemplated the possibility that she had been set up and used by a very imaginative couple who had studied her enough somehow to know she might be open to such an encounter. But how could they when she didn’t even know she was open to it.? She was going to have to investigate them further, but she was going to have to analyze herself further as well.Her next appointment arrived. It was a man and a woman, they were mid 30’s, attractive, didn’t show any particular affection toward each other, which was usually a bad sign for a marriage, but they looked awkward as hell as they walked in.”You two are Lindsay and James, is that right?” asked Carol.”Yes,” said Lindsay.”How long have you two been married?””We’re not married, doctor,” said James.”Oh, well you have the same last name. I just assumed…””We are brother and sister,” said James.”Oh, okay,” said Carol, not connecting the dots, “What brings you here?””We have a pretty serious problem, doctor.” said Lindsay. “You see, James had a motorcycle accident about four month ago and he was mostly in a body cast for several weeks. Actually, two leg casts, one arm in a cast and one heavily bandaged. We had to get him out of the hospital as soon as possible b
ecause of the cost. I am the only family anywhere close, so I moved him in with me. But I really didn’t know what that kind of care was going to look like. We are both single. James never married and I am divorced. Anyway, I moved him in and began taking care of all of his needs. Fortunately, my job is an online job so I can work from home almost all the time.””Strikes me as admirable, Lindsay,” said Carol, waiting for the real facts to come out.”Well it might have been in the beginning, but I let it turn weird.” Lindsay said.”It wasn’t your fault, it was mine,” said James.”Let’s dispense with the fault of whatever this situation is, although I am beginning to see, I think.” Carol stopped them where they were to prevent wasting time arguing. “Carry on, Lindsay.””In the beginning, I had to help him with everything. We were lucky that someone was kind enough to loan us a hospital bed, because James couldn’t even get out of bed. I had to help him with everything – even going to the bathroom. I had to give him sponge baths and help him eat. I could tell he was gradually starting to recover, because when I gave him a bath and washed his dick area – sorry, doctor – he would get hard. Then later, just telling him I was going to bathe him, he would be hard when I started. Well, I am no virgin and no idiot, so I knew what he needed. So when I started giving him a sponge bath one evening, his cock was hard and I just told him to relax and let me take care of that for him. So I jerked bursa escort bayan him off. The poor guy – not even k**ding – shot cum three feet, landing on the pillow next to his head! Well, I knew then it was going to have to be part of the routine. I mean, I just couldn’t let him lie there all the time to think and not do something.”James was looking very sheepish through this entire recounting of the first time. Carol noticed. “James, it would seem you are lucky to have a very empathetic sister. Why is this bothering you so much? It was just masturbation.”He shook his head. He looked at Lindsay and she continued. “To be honest, doctor. I enjoyed it, too. I mean, he has a gorgeous cock if I do say so, even though he is my brother. I was pretty taken by it and looked forward to jerking him off. But I have a few needs of my own and have had my own sexual experiences. So I moved on from jerking him off to sucking him off. He argued at first, but he was in no state to really stop me. So I took advantage of him. After sucking him off a few times, I decided I needed some satisfaction myself, so the next time, he was hard again and just climbed on top of him and fucked him. I stuffed that beautiful cock of his as deep inside me as it could go and I rode him like a cheap horse until we both came. I have been fucking him ever since. Actually we have been fucking each other ever since. Once we got him out of the casts and bandages, I didn’t have to hold his cock for him to pee any more and I didn’t have to bathe him any more, but we just kept on. We celebrated his first shower in a real shower in several months by taking it together and him stuffing his hose inside me, washing my insides while we washed our outsides. To be honest, no one has ever made me cum as hard as my brother does.””And no one has ever cared as much about me as my sister does.” James added.”But you don’t know what you would tell your family and you are afraid of getting caught or of the pressures to get married and have families of your own.” Carol surmised.”That pretty much sums it up,” said James. “We have been fucking for months now. We both have work from home jobs, we live together, and at least once or twice a day, we fuck. In fact, we have taken it so far that we will take a walk and go somewhere in the city – a park, or even somewhere more crowded – and fuck there. We both even have the same sexual fantasies!”Carol immediately thought back to the couple who had just left her office a few minutes before this couple arrived and thought of the public sex fantasy, then blushed. “Lindsay,” Carol started, “are you sexually attracted to him because he is your brother or because he has a “beautiful cock” as you put it, or because you have been lonely and needing some sexual attention?””I am attracted to him because he is attractive and all those things in spite of his being my brother. Taking care of him while he was hurt only brought us close enough to each other to see each other as needy human beings too. I didn’t see him as my brother. I saw him as a vulnerable man who needed more help than he had ever needed before. and he needed nurturing. All kinds of it.”Carol shifted to James, “Are you fucking your sister because she is available and willing or are you fucking her because you want to share the most intimate act with the one person you actually love?””I never thought about having sex with my sister. The first couple of times she jerked me off, I was so ashamed and embarrassed. But I saw her go about it with love in her eyes, not lust and it was as if she could put herself in my place and did what she would want done for her if she had been in my place. I fell in love with the person who had that skill. She just happened to be my sister.”Carol looked at both of them very closely. “You mentioned that you look for places to have sex where there is some risk of getting caught. Do you want to be watched? Would that be a form of confession to you? Or do you just like taking the risk of getting caught?”Lindsay smiled, “I don’t know about the confession part, but we almost always are seen when we go out to fuck. We like being watched.””Well,” said Carol, “we should meet a few more times to explore both aspects of this relationship further, but since I am pretty sure you are not going to stop fucking anytime soon, if you like being watched, then safely satisfy your fetish by fucking each other while I watch.”Carol could not believe she was saying that and wondered what on earth was going on in her own head. But the couple was all over the idea and were naked before carol could finish her thought. Lindsay and James dispensed with the foreplay, which disappointed Carol a little. James positioned Lindsay on the sofa and began drilling his sister’s pussy rapidly. Carol noticed that Lindsay had a beautiful pair of tits about the same size as her own and swayed in a circular motion as her brother fucked her at a rapid pace. Carol sat on the sofa next to Lindsay and watched has her brother’s hard cock repeated the disappearing act in his sister’s cunt. Carol reached over and squeezed Lindsay’s tits which gave both Lindsay and her brother an added dimension of excitement. “Doctor, would you reach down and squeeze his balls? He loves it when I am in the right position to do that when we fuck.”Carol knelt to the floor and James spread his legs a little further for Carol to get to his nut sack. She found his heavy bag swaying and gave them a gentle tug and squeeze. That did it. James groaned, tilted his head backward, and then began to shake as he shot wad after wad of cum into his sister’s wet pussy. Carol still had a grip on James’ balls as he finished. She enjoyed the tensing up in that region on a man and marveled at how the body worked like it did.”Maybe you should fuck him, too, doctor. You seem to share some of the same kinks we have.” Lindsay said with a laugh.”Possibly, but I will pass for now. See you next week, same time.””Delighted,” they said as they dressed and left.”Delighted,” Carol thought. That was the same phrase the previous couple used. Now carol began to wonder…

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