The Night Agent Ch. 02

Martha had been working at the Electra for almost 4 months. The boutique hotel’s unusual services and clientele had been an adjustment, but she now felt completely at ease setting up the bedrooms, checking guests in and out with a manner of complete discretion, as well as cleaning and maintaining all of the equipment stored in the X room.

Night shifts were hard but she was getting used to the routine and usually slept for much of the day, even on her days off. She enjoyed seeing London at night. In the shadows of the night the city buzzed with excitement, as if all it’s inhabitants were holding their breath waiting for something to happen. Usually after her shift before going home to sleep Martha would get a pot of tea at the café next to the tube station and watch the morning commuters with their coffees and newspapers heading bleary eyed into the underground. She would often try to imagine what type of guest they would be at the hotel, what they would wear, what toys they would request and so on. She had admitted to Alanna that her mind was in the gutter far more often after taking this job.

Martha was now one month away from her probation and so far she was proud of herself, for her professionalism and adaptability. She worked very hard but sometimes suspected if it was because she had felt indebted to the Electra ever since her exciting first shift that Martha now considered to be her true sexual awakening. She rarely saw Bianca around the Electra but on the occasion that she passed through the reception Martha would smile and flush, all the while remembering a distant echo of Bianca’s tongue in her cunt. Val, her beautiful and intimidating boss, was also rarely seen during night shifts, but her presence was always felt. Nothing happened at the Electra without Val signing off on it. The more Martha worked at the hotel, the more she desired to become as successful as Val; a wise, competent manager with unequivocal authority and respect amongst both her peers and subordinates. After Martha’s first female experience with Bianca she had tentatively begun to explore that part of her sexuality that she didn’t yet know, and sometimes found herself wondering if it was just professional success that she found attractive in her silver-haired boss.

Today Martha had slept until 3pm, after which she had commenced with her usual dance practice and then breakfast at around 5pm. She was en route to meet some friends before her shift when her phone buzzed. It was Val. Martha frowned at her phone, worried that something was wrong.

“Martha! I do apologise for calling so soon before your shift but I’m in a desperate situation.” Val’s voice sounded unusually panicked.

“That’s ok, what’s going on?”

“Céline has a dreadful flu, and she has three appointments this evening! Alex is going to cover two of them but there is one that we can’t find cover for. Honestly, I wouldn’t dream of asking you as one of our night agents but I’m sure you understand how short staffed we are right now, and Mr Taylor is a highly valued guest, it would be a shame to cancel his reservation…”

Martha sensed Val’s imminent question and caught her breath,

“Could you fill in for Mr Taylor’s appointment? The guest services team will prep you and he really is a client with simple needs – nothing too complicated for your first time.”

Martha had understood that only after her probationary period would she have the opportunity to act as a member of the Guest Services team. It looked like her probation was being sped up.

“Ok.” She stammered, giving away the butterflies that were beginning to form in her stomach, “Whatever you need, Val. I can be there in half an hour.”

“Thanks, Martha. I know you’ll be fantastic.” Val said, “We will owe you a huge favour for this!”


Martha looked at herself in the full-length mirror and let out a long exhale. The guest services team had worked their magic on her in the staff room. She studied her toned dancers legs; her calf muscles were defined perfectly by the red-heeled platforms that were surprisingly comfortable on her feet. She wore a structured red lace corset that accentuated her curves, with the ribbons tied at the front and trailing down her cleavage. Below the corset she wore some simple, black, crotchless underwear, which was perfectly framing her freshly bare pussy. One of the girls had curled Martha’s hair and had applied some subtle make-up.

Treena, a relative newcomer to the team with flame red hair who notoriously only wore black PVC at work, grinned at Martha, who was still staring at herself in the mirror, “This isn’t about getting you ready for the client, Martha. This is about getting you ready to be yourself, only a little more confident. When we dress for our appointments, everything we do must be for our benefit, not just the guests’.”

After months at the Electra, Martha was now unfazed by seeing many of the men and women from the team walking around the hotel like this, casino oyna but she hadn’t imagined the feeling of empowerment that accompanied the wardrobe.

“So it’s been Céline who has been seeing Mr Taylor most recently,” Alex, a dark-haired, Italian-blooded Electra-veteran stood beside Martha at the mirror and began applying her lipstick, “but the last time I had an appointment with him it wasn’t particularly full-on, though it was certainly a good experience.” She glanced at her watch, then grabbed Martha’s wrist, “Shit! We are going to be late; he wants you in there before he checks in! And my appointment with Mrs Hawthorne will be much less punishing if I’m on time for once.” She winked at Martha and pulled her towards the door in a rush. Martha stumbled into the corridor with Alex as she waved goodbye to Treena and the other team members who were now hurriedly prepping themselves for their evening activities.

They made their way to the guest corridors with Alex in the lead, “Tonight I’ve got purple; you’re going to be in the green room!”

As Alex turned a corner she released Martha’s wrist and gestured towards the end of the corridor to the door clad in the same green leather that had so captivated Martha on her first tour of the Electra with Luca.

“But what do I do?” Martha said in a slightly panicked voice, aware of how little preparation she had actually received for her appointment with Mr Taylor. Alex handed her a small brass key, “Just be yourself, babe!” she smiled at Martha reassuringly and turned around, “And do everything he asks you to!” she added, almost as an afterthought, as she skipped away towards the purple room.


Martha was sat on the bed in the green room. She smoothed out the bedspread nervously and looked around. She had set this room up so many times, but it looked different now that she was here in a different capacity. The warm lighting, the heavy wallpaper and lavish furnishings softened the senses; Martha would have felt completely relaxed if it wasn’t for her burning curiosity regarding Mr Taylor as it dawned on her that she had never even prepared a room him.

Yesterday Martha had prepared two rooms during her shift for some regular guests. The first room had been for Ms Wintercote, a severe looking woman in her mid-thirties who stayed at the hotel two nights a week, usually during her business trips. Martha loved the idea that Ms Wintercote billed her hotel nights back to her company; that certainly must be the epitome of job satisfaction. She had enjoyed the company of many of the Electra’s team, and Martha had often set up the suspended harness in the blue room for her, along with a selection of restraints, whips, spank paddles, ball gags and blindfolds. Though the soundproofing throughout the hotel was thorough, walking past the blue room you could sometimes hear Ms Wintercote teasing squeals of both pain and pleasure out of one of the team members. She never showed the faintest hint of embarrassment or self-consciousness at the check-in desk like some of the hotel’s other clients.

Yesterday, in addition to Ms Wintercote’s reservation, Martha had set up the orange room for Mr Lefevre. After arranging rooms for him several times, Martha knew exactly what Mr Lefevre had a taste for and even tried to personally select what she thought he would prefer from the X room. On his equipment form he usually only requested toys from one section: ‘anal pleasures’. She would set out beads, plugs of varying sizes, anal douches and so on, trying to keep the selection varied each time. Mr Lefevre often requested a male companion, so Simon was his usual team member, though it was not unheard of for Rowena to take the appointment, as she was notorious for carrying her strap-on at all times.

Thinking about the Electra’s regular clients, Martha was amazed that so far she had not been required to organise Mr Taylor’s reservations, though apparently he visited once a fortnight. She had certainly seen him at check-in, though he was always extremely polite and never gave away any clue as to what he would be doing in his room, and with whom. Martha glanced at the desk and saw only a blindfold, a small black bullet vibrator and one of the Electra’s more garish pink, sparkly rabbit dildos set out on a silk cloth. She furrowed her brow in confusion and began to worry about whether she had overestimated herself in agreeing to fill in for Céline. She had no time to change her mind because she then heard the lock turn in the door and saw the door handle turn as Mr Taylor stepped through into the green room.


Martha stood up, unsure of how to present herself, and simply stood with her hands clasped in front of her, eyes fixed on the carpet. As Mr Taylor walked towards her she slowly raised her head to meet his gaze,

“Good evening, Mr Taylor, I’m Artemis.” she said, with as much confidence as she could manage considering the circumstances and her outfit that left so little to the imagination. canlı casino It was an Electra custom for the Guest Service agents to take on the names of Greek gods and goddesses for their clients, and Martha was secretly thrilled to be able to adopt the name of the goddess of the hunt and of wilderness. Mr Taylor smiled at her with genuine warmth, he took her hand and kissed it, “A pleasure to meet you, Artemis, and please call me Liam. I was told Athena wasn’t available today, but sometimes a change can be good! No pressure!”

Mr Taylor, or Liam, winked and put his briefcase down on the desk beside the toys, took off his jacket and loosened his tie. Martha observed this and remained silent, although she was glad she already felt at ease in Liam’s presence. He wasn’t a particularly tall, neither slim nor overweight, Martha was reminded of a popular phrase now used to describe a certain physique; “dad-bod”. She smiled at this thought, aware that Liam was significantly older than she was. As Martha was watching Liam, she realised that he too was watching her. They were both standing in the green room simply observing one another. She blushed and he sat down in the ornate armchair in the corner of the room, he gestured for her to sit on the bed.

“So, since this is our first time together, let me tell you a little bit about myself. I like to feel comfortable at the hotel so I’d rather you have a full view of why I’m here so you can better understand my need and expectations.”

Martha nodded as she perched on the edge of the bed, gazing at Liam intently.

“I’ve just come from work, I’m the Director of a successful marketing company. I found success quite early on in my career so I’ve almost always been in a position of power. With this power comes a lot of responsibility, and my subordinates are always trying to please me, trying to better the company.

“But in trying to please me, very often my employees neglect themselves; they work ridiculous hours to ensure the success of the company; they put their social lives aside for their work. I find this admirable, though I wish it weren’t necessary. As much as I try to ensure they have adequate time off and do not involve their entire life in my company, it is ultimately their choice and I can’t help them until they help themselves.”

Martha continued to observe Liam as he paused for breath, still unsure as to what his purpose for his visits at the Electra were.

“In short, Artemis, I like to visit the Electra every so often when I’m fed up of people trying to please me. Sometimes I get the most satisfaction out of seeing people please themselves.” His eyes drifted from Martha’s face to the toys laid out on the table, as it dawned on Martha why Alex had described Mr Taylor’s appointments as not particularly full-on.

“Ok, Liam,” she tried to smile flirtatiously, also looking at the toys, “If you don’t mind can you give me some ideas on how you would like to see me please myself? Maybe I can come and sit closer to you?” Martha made to stand up but Liam help up his hand.

“No. I want you to stay put on the bed during the appointment, Artemis. Don’t worry, I’ll make everything clear.” He began to take off his shoes and settled more into the armchair, “At no point do I want us to make physical contact, all I want to do is watch, that doesn’t sound too challenging does it?”

Martha shook her head and felt a pang of both relief and disappointment, her first session would just be bringing herself to orgasm, a relatively simple task with one of those toys, but now she would have to wait until after her probation for the opportunity to prove herself as a true Guest Service agent. Liam beckoned for her to come and see the toys on the table, as she approached he handed her the blindfold,

“This is for you to completely immerse yourself in… ‘you time’, and you can pick either the bullet or the dildo, I don’t mind as long as it ends with an orgasm, so pick whichever you think will be the most explosive.”

Martha stared at her two choices, knowing full well that both could deliver powerful orgasms, with the sleek, little, black bullet working like magic on her clit and the garish, sparkling, pink dildo expertly reaching her g-spot.

“There is just one more thing,” Liam added, “I like to maintain a little part of the control, so you have to ask me when you want to cum.”

“Of course,” Martha nodded, confidently picking up the dildo and settling herself on the bed.

“Good choice,” Liam smiled, and reclined in the armchair, “Now I just want you to relax and forget I’m here, unless of course it turns you on, then you can think about me watching you as you bring that gorgeous pussy to orgasm.”

Martha propped herself up against the headboard with the pillows, took one last look at Liam, and put the blindfold on. She couldn’t believe she was about to get herself off in front of someone or that the mere thought of doing it was making her wet. Since starting at the kaçak casino Electra, Martha was learning more and more to trust her instincts and not to take things too seriously, so she smiled to herself and decided to just go with it.


The blindfold heightened her other senses, as she settled into the soft cotton of the bedspread and gripped the silicone vibrator firmly in her hand. She heard a rustling as Liam adjusted himself for the spectacle Martha was about to put on for him, she heard him unfastening his belt. She drew in a steady breath to clear her head, and as she exhaled her free hand began to wander and touch the red lace of her corset. She teased the ribbon ties with her fingers and moved further down; she felt straps of her hold ups against the lace hem of her underwear. She was aware of Liam’s rhythmic breathing, but tried not to become distracted. As she found the bare skin of her cunt with her fingers she heard Liam’s breath catch in his throat. Martha took this as her signal, pressed a button and the dildo sprang to life.

The familiar white noise of the vibrator drowned out any other subtle noises in the room. She bent her knees and opened her legs to find a comfortable sitting position, still supported by the pillows. She knew she was already wet enough but wanted to ensure Liam had a good show, so, legs spread, Martha continued to tease herself, running the head of her toy up and down her inner thighs, lightly touching her clit every so often. A small gasp escaped her lips, as she tried to hold off a little longer inserting the toy.

“Do it.” A voice came from across the room.

Martha didn’t need telling twice. She moved the buzzing dildo to the entrance of her cunt and smoothly guided it in. She was so wet that there was no resistance at all, and she sighed in relief as the dildo filled her completely, the little ears coming up to meet her clit. She began to move the silicone shaft in and out, and each time the ears would buzz against her most sensitive spot.

The unexpected turn on Martha was getting from the idea of Liam watching her pleasure herself was speeding up her climax. She arched her back in anticipation but was interrupted,

“Remember, Artemis, you have to ask.”

Martha nodded and withdrew the dildo, now slick with her juices, determined to make the spectacle last a little longer. She switched the vibe to a gentler speed and spent a few minutes massaging her outer lips with the head, maintaining the stimulation but reducing the build up. She could hear movement across the room; a vigorous, rhythmic pumping accompanied by low, shallow breathing. Though she relished the idea of continuing her exhibitionism, she knew her climax was relentlessly approaching. Martha allowed the vibrating cock to enter her again, slowly twisting it so that the ears buried themselves deep in her folds. In between the moans now escaping her lips, she found herself asking the simple question.

“Liam… can I cum?”

There was a pause, the only noise in the room was the muffled noise of the rabbit dildo deep inside Martha. She began to feel the familiar tingle in her fingers and toes as the orgasm began to rise within her, if Liam said no she wasn’t sure she would be able to control herself. The pause felt like it lasted for an eternity until Martha heard Liam utter one word,


Twisting and turning the silicone toy inside her cunt and ramping up the vibrations on her g-spot and clit, Martha brought herself right to the edge and remained there for a moment, her climax almost spilling over in sweet relief. Rhythmically pumping the dildo in and out, pinching her own nipples and moaning at the prolonged build up of her tingling orgasm, Martha was sure that Liam would be getting himself off from this, but equally she didn’t care. At this point, a potential guest complaint meant nothing, and a mind-shattering orgasm meant everything.

The tingling sensation in Martha’s extremities reached its high-point, plateaued for a few precious seconds, before exploding into a full orgasm that enveloped her entire body in a diamond haze. Her mouth was wide open in a silent-O. Though not the most built-up orgasm she had ever had, it was certainly one of the most intense. The added bonus was both pleasing herself and knowing she was doing her duty as an Electra employee. She was now slumped on the bed, exhausted from the self-love she had been given permission to give herself by Liam. Bringing herself back to reality, she asked breathily;

“Can I take off my blindfold now?”

She waited a few moments for an answer, realising in those last couple of minutes that she had forgotten Liam’s presence. Finally she heard a quiet voice, “Go ahead, Artemis.”

After removing the blindfold, she opened her eyes to find Liam gazing contentedly at her. The view below his navel showed that he has clearly enjoyed her performance. Their eyes locked, and they remained silent for a moment. Eventually finding her voice, Martha awkwardly broke the silence; “So… was that ok for you?” She was still holding the shiny, pink dildo in her hand.

Liam laughed and gestured to the tissues balled up beside him as he got dressed,

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