The Perfect Man Ch. 01

The glass flew through the air narrowly missing its intended target’s head and exploded against the wall. “YOU FUCKED HER???” screamed Anna, as she reached for the next nearest thing. By the time her fingers had closed around the silver saltshaker he’d gone, slamming the door behind him. Twin trails of angered anguish trickled down her cheeks. So that was the end of that — another guy to cross off the list, just one more who had swept Anna of her feet and then dropped her on her arse.

She’d always had trouble finding the right guy — a guy wasn’t an issue, at five foot seven with a curvy figure she could go into any bar any walk out with pretty much any guy. Possibly even some of the girls, were she that way inclined. She wanted someone who was passionate but sensitive, thoughtful but spontaneous, caring but not clingy. Why did it seem that these desired attributes were mutually exclusive? The caring guys were a flop in bed — often literally; the passionate guys were very passionate, nearly always so passionate that they couldn’t refine it to just one girl and the caring guys just asked how she was feeling too many times.

Anna knew that her expectations were high, possibly even unrealistic, but she couldn’t help chasing the perfect man. He was out there somewhere — he had to be! A thoughtful lover, who remembered birthdays and anniversaries, brought her flowers that weren’t an apology, but who could also screw her brains out when she needed it.

Anna pulled open the fridge door, grabbed a bottle of white wine and sat down on the couch. She unscrewed the lid and took a large, very unladylike swig from the bottle. As she felt the cool liquid flowing from the bottle’s neck into hers she started to dwell on the perfect man. Again. ‘What would be ideal,’ she pondered, ‘would be if it were like buying a car. You could pick the specifications from a brochure, take a test run and when you were happy, take one home.’ She unleashed a heavy sigh and took another heavy swallow of the wine.

It was a real shame to find that Clive had cheated on her, not least for the infidelity, but because Anna had been looking forward to an evening of no holds barred sex, and Clive really knew how to work her to both of their satisfactions. Anna always had multiple orgasms when she was with him, but even these were not worth being two-timed for. She cursed his name again and took a third large swallow from the bottle. As she did, her tongue circled the rim of the bottle and starting to work down the neck before she realised what it was doing. “Damn I need some cock!” she thought. Another night with the toys was on the cards for Anna, not ideal, but better than nothing.

She switched the TV on and surfed through the channels trying to quell her libido until bedtime. Unfortunately nearly every channel was filled with pretty people; a few scenes that until fairly recently would have been considered to be pornographic by some. It wasn’t working! Her tongue was circling the neck of the bottle again and her thighs were rubbing against each other. Trying to scratch an itch.

Anna decided she’d lost the fight and her horniness had conquered her. Standing up, she looked at the bottle and was surprised to see it was casino siteleri almost empty. Tilting her head and the bottle she drained the contents and left it on the table. Anna made her way through the living room to the stairs and began the ascent to her bedroom; she’d known the night would end here, but had been hoping for company.

As she walked through the door Anna started to peel her clothes off and drop them on the floor en route to the bathroom. She passed the full-length mirror as her skirt hit the plush carpet and stopped to admire the lingerie she had chosen for Clive; a silky black push up bra with a purple rose embroidered on the left cup, which made her ample breasts look phenomenal. A matching thong split the soft orbs of her bottom, the dark material between the creamy cheeks looking almost indecent.

Finally she’d decided tonight was the night that Clive got the stockings. It wasn’t often that Anna wore them, and when she did the lucky man had to have earned them. Clive had managed this but lost the privilege before he’d even realised it. Being taller than average, Anna’s legs were longer than average and as a result looked spectacular in the sheer black silk that encased them, all but a gap of about 6 inches at the top where the thicker black band at the top gave way to the succulent, smooth skin of her thigh. The suspender straps were the only things to intrude on this perfect flesh.

Anna sighed, went into her en suite bathroom and started to peel off the whole ensemble. She stopped as she pushed her bra strap over her shoulder, catching her reflection in the mirror. Anna made eye contact with herself and pushed the strap down slowly, smoothly. The action was repeated on the other side before she reached back and unclipped it. Instead of letting it fall right away, she held it in place, covering her breasts, teasing herself. The wine must have been stronger than she thought to have had this effect on her!

As she continued to watch the woman on the other side of the mirror undress, Anna felt herself getting hotter and wetter. The moisture was close to escaping from her pussy and making a run for it down her thigh. She finally dropped the bra and stared in amazement at her breasts, as if she was a teenage boy, and this the first time he’d seen boobs without a staple just below them.

Anna slowly ran her hands over her breasts, covering every inch of them but avoiding her nipples. She enjoyed the feeling of her breasts on her hands as much as she was enjoying having her hands on her breasts. The firmness of the flesh, the soft, smoothness of the skin… the rigid peak of her nipple! As her fingers fondled and teased the rigid point a shiver ran down her spine and the dam between her thighs burst. Her bottom lip had worked between her teeth as she bit lightly to stifle the moans. Anna succumbed to the pleasure and let go as her body trembled and spasmed. This was the first time she had ever had an orgasm through her breasts alone — but hopefully not the last!

Anna turned from the mirror and looked over her shoulder to keep herself in view. Her eyes were drawn to her arse and she now knew why eyes tended to follow her wherever she went. She’d never thought her arse canlı casino was bad, but tonight she knew it was spectacular. She reached behind and stroked it; slowly running her hand over her left buttock she curled her fingers slightly and pulled her nails up over the skin, Another shiver ensued, followed by a moan. What was wrong with her tonight?

There was no stopping to answer her question, Anna just continued to caress and grope herself, alternating between loving touches and lustful ones. Before she realised it was happening her hand was lifting away from her cheek before it swung back down and landed with a slap. She jerked at the feeling, but did it again and again — after all, she was being a very naughty girl!

Slender thumbs were hooked into the waistband of her panties and slid the wisp of material down past her hips and let them fall from the middle of her thighs to the bathroom floor. Anna turned to face the mirror again and stared at her pussy; she had taken the care to trim it well, all that remained was a small lightning bolt, its tip pointing to her clit.

Juice covered the insides of her thighs and began lapping over the tops of her stockings. She couldn’t remember ever being this horny and certainly not on her own. Both hands snaked their way down her body, from her breasts over her belly and stopped at her pussy. Her left hand stopped next to her pussy, resting just inside her thigh whilst her right found the tip of the lightning and started to move in small circles. Anna threw her head back as the pleasure hit her, but quickly pulled focus back to the wanton hussy in the mirror.

Frantic fingers worked in faster circles now, rubbing harder, more intensely and then easing off as she got close to the edge. Bracing herself against the sink, her legs were turning to jelly. Anna caught her clit between her finger and thumb and started to twist it, gently at first and then rougher and rougher until she climaxed, screaming at herself in the glass.

It still wasn’t enough to satisfy.

She stumbled to her bed, shedding the last of her lingerie in the way. She collapsed onto the bed and reached across to the drawer for her toys. Anna pulled out a small plug and a large vibrator. Substituting for the wine bottle earlier, she put the plug between her voluptuous lips and started to circle the tip with her tongue before pushing it further in. it was only about 3 inches long and not very thick, but it was enough to make things more interesting in the bedroom.

After a couple of minutes during which the plug was well bathed in Anna’s saliva, she pulled it out of her mouth and trailed it through her pussy juice before she placed the tip against the opening of her arse. Her left hand guided it, whilst her right spread herself to ease its passage. Biting her lip again, Anna gave it the final push and it was in. she shuddered as it settled in place and writhed her hips to feel it.

Now the main event! Not to belittle what she had done to herself in the bathroom, Anna had always had better orgasms through penetration: if her clit set off fireworks, her G-spot, erupted in explosions. To satisfy her oral urges, the vibrator found its way between her lips; this was not the warm kaçak casino up any more!

Anna had always enjoyed giving blow jobs; felt powerful when she was on her knees, craved the feeling of a cock growing in her mouth, or exploding down her throat. She loved it! There was to be no growing or exploding tonight, but she knew that she was going to get a good mouthful without the downside of someone being too eager and trying to choke her.

As with the plug, which was now nestled between her luscious cheeks, she started to circle the tip with her tongue, working some spit to lube it up and ease its passage between her lips. It didn’t take long. Thirty seconds later there was three inches of purple latex between her lips, filling her mouth and pointing at the back of her throat. She pushed a little further and felt the bulbous head press against the soft tissue of her throat. Anna could deep throat almost any length — it was something her roommate at university had taught her one night after too much Lambrini.

She swallowed and felt more of it pass between her lips, and again, and again. She now had the whole length in her mouth, much of it down her throat before slowly pulling it out and gasping for air. The feeling of near suffocation had always been a thrill for her — as long as she was controlling it.

Her chest still heaving, she spread her lips with her left hand and pushed the vibrator where it truly belonged with her right. There was little resistance, given Anna’s heightened state of desire and very soon she was working the whole length in and out of her soaking pussy. She could feel the juices running out of her and gathering around the butt plug helping it to shuffle in and out with every rock of her pelvis.

She switched the vibrate mode on to high and found her hand blurring away between her thighs. She was possessed of a sexual fury that she had not known was in her, but looked forward to finding again. Sweat was forming all over her body and she felt a bead running down into her cleavage, between her breasts, and down the side of her stomach.

The vibrator was doing its job, and Anna’s hips were twitching and spasming as she built up to a crescendo. With an almighty scream she gripped the headboard with her left hand and arched her back, throwing her pelvis to the skies and embracing her most primal instincts. Her body was wracked with pleasure for days and nights, until the waves stopped crashing, and the tide slowly went out again, leaving the storm ravaged shores to recover from the relentless battering.

She collapsed a sweaty, sticky mess on the bed and peeled her fingers from the headboard to see the pattern carved into the wood was now also carved into the palm of her hand and fingers. Her chest was still heaving, her breasts rising and falling like an aftershock from a powerful earthquake. “Holy shit, I’m good!” Anna whispered to herself as she crawled out of bed and staggered back into the bathroom.

She pulled the plug out and put it in the sink along with the vibrator — she could clean those tomorrow; right now she needed a quick shower and then to get some sleep.


This was my first story in this category, and given the subject, combined with my gender, I had very limited personal experience to draw upon… I’d appreciate any feedback and comments.

I would also like to thank those that helped guide me where I may have strayed.

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