The Trip Home

“How long until we get home?” you whined, leaning your chair farther back. It felt like we’d been driving for far too long, and I could tell you were starting to get anxious. I smirked and said nothing, knowing why you’d asked. I’d promised that if you behaved yourself the entire weekend at my parent’s house that I’d make up for it when we got back. It was almost excruciating not to hear you begging me to fuck you due to my parents being right in the next room. I was teaching you obedience, and you knew the more you obeyed, the more you’d receive in return.

“So, the weekend with your parents is technically over right?”

I glanced at you curiously before answering. “Of course, sweetheart.”

You smiled and the way it spread across your face, I knew I’d regret that later. You unbuckled your seatbelt and turned in your seat toward me. I kept my eyes on you for a beat longer before looking back to the road, and I started to feel tense. You were up to no good, and I knew that better than casino oyna anyone. As we slowed to a stop facing traffic, you tugged your shorts off and wiggled out of your underwear. I inhaled sharply and angled myself against the door so that I could keep an eye on you and the road ahead. You lifted your leg and placed it on the dashboard allowing me a better view.

“Kitten…” I warned.

You looked at me innocently and slid two fingers inside yourself. Your whimpering made me tense and close my eyes in concentration. You went on fucking yourself and tried to hold my eyes. I glanced at the wetness spreading across the seat and uttered a curse beneath my breath. We moved forward slowly and I felt a creeping nervousness about the idea of someone peering in the window and seeing you. You whined again and bucked your hips and your panting made me shift in my seat. I was losing this battle and my composure.

I grabbed your wrist with my free hand and moved it away from your pussy. Your canlı casino smile left your face as soon as my fingers plunged into you roughly. You gasped and bucked against my hand. I continued relentlessly and moved my eyes back to the road. We were still in traffic but I’d lost interest in your show.

“Kitten, can I hear that disgusting panting again while you fuck my fingers?”

You blushed and I felt you get wetter and tighten around my fingers. You tried to resist, but your panting started up again. You squirmed and I raised the speed of my fingers, making a note to press on your bladder. I’d show you who was in control.

“S- sir, I” you stuttered, and I knew that could only mean you were getting closer to letting everything go. I could tell you weren’t even aware that we were no longer in traffic. I smiled to myself and pushed my fingers deeper inside you. You gasped and your legs snapped shut around my hand.

“I…you’re going to make me pee!” you hissed, and I cocked my kaçak casino eyebrow at you. I pulled my fingers away and then got right back to fucking you with them. I was in control now, and I had regained total control.

“You’ll just have to hold it, kitten.”

You let out a pleading whine and bucked against my hand again. We both know I would have to be satisfied before I would stop, and if you came or peed, you’d only be embarrassed and regret ever inciting this later. We were nearing our neighborhood, and you were biting down on your lip to resist the urge to let go. I felt your body relax as we neared the driveway, and that was why I chose to drive past it. Your body went rigid and you grasped the wrist of the hand inside you. You opened your mouth to protest and were cut off as my fingers began to move again. You collapsed against your seat and I felt your body tremble as you came around my fingers.

I smiled and removed my hand from between your legs as we circled the block and pulled into our driveway. I parked the car and turned toward you.

“Next time, you’ll know not to disturb me when I’m driving, won’t you kitten?”

“Yes sir…” you pouted as I laughed and got out of the car.

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