Under the Moonday Sun: The Lake

“Ready?” He looked into Kelly’s soft blue eyes.

She nodded her head up and down and then replied, “Anytime.”

With a shove he propelled the canoe away from the dock. The early summer afternoon was warm, and clear. Only a few puffy white clouds marred the perfect blue of the sky. A soft breeze wafted across the lake, it felt cool on the skin.

“Do I need to be doing anything?” Kelly turned her head to look at him.

“No, baby,” he answered as he dipped the paddle into the water and pulled. “Just enjoy the ride.”

The weekend had passed into history Just two solitary people had been fishing from the dock, and so far, not a boat could be seen on the water. It was just the two of them in a canoe. It was as if the lake was their private domain on this June afternoon.

“Can I turn around?” Kelly asked and then added, “sir?”

She knew full well what it did to him, and she liked it. Even though she was still facing straight ahead she thought she felt a little shake from him.

“Yes, Kelly, you can turn around.” His voice didn’t betray what he felt inside. His arms kept up a steady rhythm as he paddled the canoe across the lake.

She piled the two life jackets behind her so she could lay backwards and face him. “Much better.” Kelly looked up and saw him grinning. “What are you smiling at?” There was a laugh in her voice.

“You,” he replied.

“Why? Am I funny looking?” She teased him, and she knew he liked it when she did.

“No, baby, you’re the prettiest girl in the world, and I’m the luckiest guy.”

“Oh, flattery, what do you think that will get you?” Kelly tried her best to suppress a giggle.

“Maybe a kiss.”

Kelly’s voice softened. “If you’re a good boy.”

“I’m always good.”

She licked her lips. “Sometimes you’re very bad.”

He nodded. “I know. And I know something else.”

“What’s that?”

“My naughty girl likes it when I’m bad.”

Overhead the screech of a circling eagle broke their conversation. Kelly’s eyes were transfixed by the sensual movements of the bird’s wings. She wondered for a moment what the bird was looking at, she had the sensation of being watched. Her eyes darted back to his. Kelly felt the same feeling when she looked into his eyes when they were in bed. It gave her a tingling sensation in the pit of her stomach.

Her voice got very timid and quiet. “Yes, sir, I do like it when you’re bad.” Kelly loved this game. She enjoyed the feelings of being naughty around him.

“I think I’ve corrupted you.” His eyes studied her face as he continued guiding the canoe across the water.

Kelly’s cheeks reddened slightly as she blushed. “Yes, you have, sir.” There was a short pause and then she finished. “And I’m glad, sir.”

“I’ve turned you into a naughty little slut.” For the first time his voice betrayed his growing passion.

“Yes sir, you have. And I like being your slut.” She did enjoy it, the more slutty he made her feel, the more aroused she became.

“I’m glad; you’re the only naughty slut I want.” He stopped paddling. “Would my naughty Kelly like a glass of wine?”

“I’d love some wine, sir.” Her blue eyes twinkled. “Wine makes your little slut horny.”

“I know, and I like that.” He reached down into a small cooler and pulled out a small bottle of wine. Using the corkscrew on his Swiss Army knife, he opened the bottle of Chardonnay, poured some into a glass for Kelly and passed it over to her.

“Nice, real glass, not even plastic.” Kelly took an appreciative sip of the wine and then smiled.

“Nothing but the best for you, Kelly.” He took a drink from his glass then resumed his paddling.

Kelly sipped her wine and stared up at the sky. “Out here, it feels like we are the only people left on Earth.”

“Yeah, in a way, it does.” He paused for a moment and then said. “Open your shirt, Kelly, I want to see my naughty slut’s breasts.

The soft, submissive voice returned to her. “Yes, sir. I would like to show you my breasts.”

Her blue eyes locked onto his green eyes as her fingers began to unfasten the long row of tiny buttons on her white cotton top. His eyes followed the progress of her fingers. Down, down, slowly down they worked until the last button was unfastened. With deliberate slowness, Kelly opened her top, revealing her lacy bra.

“Do you like it, sir? My bra? I picked it out for you.” Her fingers ran lightly over the delicate lace of her bra.

“Oh, Kelly.” His voice was just above a whisper as his eyes drank in the sight of her breasts ensconced in one of the most lovely pieces of lingerie that he had ever laid his eyes upon. “It is simply stunning.”

The bra barely contained her large breasts. Her fingers continued casino siteleri softly running over the soft smooth skin of her breasts. She could feel her nipples already stiffening with desire. She watched his eyes as her fingers dipped inside of her bra.

“Are they hard?” The tempo of his paddling had diminished.

“Yes, sir. They are very hard.” She could feel the warmth growing in her thighs.

“Why don’t you show me?”

Kelly nodded as she slipped both hands in her bra and removed her breasts from the cups. Her thumbs and forefingers pinched and rolled her stiff, pink nipples as her hands squeezed her ample breasts together and up.

He let out a soft moan. “You have the nicest. . .” His head nodded back and forth as his tongue whetted his lips.

“Tits?” Kelly’s voice was soft as her hands continued kneading her breasts. “I like it when Sir tells me he likes my tits.”

He paused from his paddling for a moment, his gray-green eyes seem to sparkle in the bright sun. “My naughty slut has the nicest set of tits I’ve ever seen. I want to see you lick them, and — suck your nipples for me.”

“Can I take my bra off, sir?”

“I’d like that a lot, Kelly. Take your bra off and let me get a good look at your tits.” He felt his heart pound as he resumed paddling in a slow, steady tempo. He watched as she reached between her breasts and undid the clasp. She slipped her bra off, folded it, set it down and then opened her blouse to give him a full view of her unfettered breasts.

“Do you like them, sir?”

“You know I do.” His eyes drank in her large, firm breasts, their ivory white color was set off by the dusty rose color of her aureola, and the nubs of her nipples that always reminded him of pencil erasers.

An impish grin came over her face as she pushed her breasts up towards her tongue, and as she flicked at one nipple and then the other she paused and asked, “Does Sir get stiff when I do this?”

He smiled at Kelly. “That’s a rather naughty question, don’t you think?”

She nodded as she kissed and licked her hard nipples. “It is a naughty question from your very naughty slut, sir.”

“You know the answer, Kelly. You always make me stiff.”

Her eyes seemed to smile all on their own. Her voice was barely a whisper when she replied, “Good.” Her tongue flicked out and her mouth opened as she began her oral assault on her breasts and nipples.

He found he could scarcely breathe as he watched Kelly. She was so sensual to watch. It was so tempting to reach forward and touch that perfect flesh, but he resisted. This was just for her today. “Would you like me to read to you?”

Kelly nodded, “Yes, sir, I would like that very much.”

He reached down and retrieved a leather portfolio, opened it, and set it down. He began to read as he continued paddling the canoe just enough to keep them gliding across the water.

Madeline thought she was dreaming, but she couldn’t be sure. She could feel the breeze coming in through the open window, and the smell of flowers teased her nose.

She was sitting on her bed, what she thought was her bed. It seemed much larger for some reason, and her room was — different. Try as she might, she couldn’t quite put her finger on what was changed.

“Madeline” The sound of her name being spoken interrupted her thoughts. The voice had a rich, sensual quality to it, and the hint of a French accent.

“Yes?” She squinted, but the sun coming through the window had caught her eye and she was unable to see who was speaking to her.

“I want you to play for me.”

“You’re a bad boy, sir. You know what this story does to me.” Kelly stroked her breasts with her fingers, and then teased the nipples.

“Yes, I do know. And that’s precisely why I chose it.”

Kelly tossed her head back and closed her eyes, a dreamy smile covered her face as her hands continued fondling her breasts.

Madeline, you do want to play for me, don’t you?” The woman’s voice reminded Madeline of the taste of fresh honey.

“Yes . . .” Madeline paused, she wasn’t sure how to address the other woman.

“Mistress, you will address me as mistress.” The woman in the chair seemed to have anticipated Madeline’s thought.

“Yes, mistress, I do want to play for you.”

“Good. Remove your negligee and kneel on the bed. I want to see your body.”

Madeline did as she was told, slipped out of the gossamer-like lingerie that covered her body, but did little to hide any of her charms.

“Mm,” the woman purred like a cat at a dish of fresh cream. “You have a very beautiful body, Madeline

“Sir,” Kelly interrupted his reading. “Do you like my body? Do you think it’s beautiful?”

He looked canlı casino up from the page and stopped paddling. The blush that had risen in her cheeks was obvious, although he was wasn’t sure if it was from embarrassment from the question or from her rising passions. “Yes, Kelly, I think your body is exquisite.” His voice softened to just above a whisper. “And, you are the most beautiful woman in the world.”

Kelly let out a soft giggle. “Thank you, sir.”

“You are also the sexiest little slut that I know.” He added with a smile.

“Thank you, sir.” Her hands squeezed and kneaded her smooth warm breasts, then she took her nipples between her thumb and finger and tugged, savoring that delicate line between pain and pleasure. The desire evident in her voice as she asked, “Read some more, sir. Please?”

He nodded and continued.

“Thank you, mistress.” Madeline blushed at the compliment that had just been paid to her.

“I’m glad you’ve shaved your sex for me.”

Unconsciously, Madeleine reached down and touched her smooth, bare pussy. “Yes, mistress, I’m glad you like it.”

“It makes you look like a cheap little slut. Almost virginal”

Madeleine had to bite her lip to keep from moaning out loud. Words like these excited her. She felt it was wrong, but those only served to heighten her arousal even more. “Yes, mistress, I am a cheap little slut.” She paused for a moment as a wave of sensual fire passed through her body. “I am your cheap little slut. I want to be a whore for you.”

“Spread your legs for me, child and show me what drives young men into a frenzy. Open your lips and let me see your door to heaven.”

She nodded as she did what she was told, she spread her legs wide, allowing the older woman a full view of her naked pussy. A tingle of passion surged through her as she touched the lust swollen lips of her desire, she was surprised at how wet she already was. Madeleine opened her lips, giving the other woman a clear view of her velvety wet tunnel.

“Very good.” The rustling of garments could be heard briefly, followed by a deep sigh the unmistakable sound of woman masturbating using a dildo or vibrator.

A period of silence ensued, finally Madeleine summoned up enough courage to speak first. “Mistress?”

“Yes?” It sounded like other woman was panting when she answered. “What is it?”

Madeleine took a deep breath and summoned all of her courage. “Can your naughty slut play with her pussy for you?”

“Of course, play for me, Madeleine, touch your sweet sex for me, let me watch your finger your tight, hot cunny.”

Kelly let a moan escape from her lips.

He looked up from the page he had been reading from. “Did you say something, Kelly?

“No sir, you just have me so hot now.” Kelly was pinching and pulling on her nipples as she rocked slowly back and forth.

“Is my little slut wet?” He watched her her cheeks redden in the afternoon sun.

“Yes, sir. You always make me so wet with your stories.”

“I like making you wet.” He hoped she didn’t notice the flush in his own face.

Kelly’s blush deepened. “I know, sir, and I’m glad.”

“Maybe you should take your panties off for me?” He made his demand sound more like a question.

She opened her eyes wide and slowly shook her head back and forth. “No, sir, I can’t do it.”

He paused for a moment, perplexed. It was the first time she had ever said no to one of his requests. “Why can’t you?”

A shy smile appeared above the blush. “Because, sir. I’m not wearing any panties. I know how it . . .” Kelly bowed her head, her face crimson now. “What it does to you when I tell you things like that.” She looked up and straight into his eyes. “And it’s the sort of thing you would like your naughty little slut to do for you.”

“Show me. Lift your skirt and show me.” His tongue ran over his suddenly dry lips.

“Yes, sir.” Kelly raised her skirt and spread her legs as wide as the canoe would allow.

His eyes widened and his jaw dropped for a moment as her naked sex was revealed to him, glistening with her juices. “You did it, you shaved your pussy for me.”

Kelly blushed, “Yes, sir. Just like in the story, I know how much it turned you. I hope it makes you happy.”

“You are a good little naughty slut, I am quite happy with you.”

“Thank you, sir. I’m glad.” Kelly stopped for a moment and then looked up into his eyes. “But, I was naughty.”

“Oh?” He raised his eyebrows in mock horror. “Maybe my little trollop should explain herself.”

“When I was shaving my pussy for you. I got turned on, and I played with myself.”

“Without permission?”

“I know, sir, I told you I was naughty,” Kelly answered, kaçak casino her voice had a repentant tone.

“Did you cum?” His face was reddening, not due to temper or the sun, but purely from lust.

“Yes, sir. Three times.” Kelly batted her eyes at him, her voice as soft as down. “Are you going to punish me, sir, for being naughty?”

He smiled and licked his lips. “Yes, I think when we get back, I will need to put you over my knee and give you a good spanking.”

“Can I touch myself, sir? I want to cum for you.” Kelly pleaded in a quiet voice.

He nodded his approval. “But, first, take all of your clothes off, it is Jour du Nudiste.”

“Nudist day?” Kelly questioned.

“Mais oui!” He replied with a laugh in his voice. “Besides, I want to see you naked.”

Kelly smiled and remove her blouse first, and then her skirt. She leaned back in the canoe and put one hand between her legs and began to touch her wet pussy. “Do you think I’m pretty like this? Do you find me desirable.”

A gentle smile graced his face. He nodded slowly. “Kelly, you are more than pretty, and you are sexy beyond compare. You are the only woman I want. There are no others.”

Her finger slid up and down her wet slit, pausing at her swelling clit for a brief moment and then slipping inside of her slit. Kelly watched his eyes as she masturbated, she loved being watched. “Talk to me, sir. Make me feel dirty.”

“You are my dirty little slut.” He resumed his slow paddling. “You make me stiff. Do you like doing that to me?”

She squeezed one breast as her other hand was occupied with fingering herself. “Oh sir, you know that I do.”

His eyes watched as at first one finger slipped inside and then two. She sounded wet, the sound of her masturbation never failed to aroused him. “Let me taste, give me your fingers.” He paused his paddling and leaned forward, and accepted her fingers into his mouth.

“Do I taste good?” Kelly’s voice become more wanton as her masturbation fueled her lust.

“Delicious.” He licked and sucked each finger, savoring her womanly flavor. While he had been licking the juices off her finger, she had been using her other hand to play with.

“Would you like to taste the other hand, sir?”

Nodding, he licked his lips. “Yes, let me lick your other hand.”

Kelly leaned back after he had finished licking her fingers clean. She spread her legs as open as she could. She wanted him to see her wet pussy, she wanted him to watch her thrust her fingers in and out as she thumbed her stiffening clit.

“Fuck yourself with your fingers like a good little slut.” He urged her.

Her body writhed as her ass rose and fell in time with her fingers. She was so close, then she felt it. Her opened wide and she saw him, pressing the plastic handle of his paddle directly against her slick pussy.

“Hold it hard against you, and then move your ass up and down.” He ordered.

Kelly nodded and whispered, “Yes, sir.”

She took both hands and gripped the aluminum shaft of the paddle and pulled her body against the handle. She began to move her body up and down against the end of the paddle.

“Oh fuck!” Kelly’s voice shook with her passion. “Sir, it feels so good.”

Her body moved in short, quick up and down motions, the tip of the handle just brushing over the swollen nub of her clit.

His voice was heavy with lust by now. “Fuck my paddle. Be my little cum slut. Cum for me.”

She heard his words through the fog of her own lust. “Yes, sir I want you to watch me cum.”

It was a sight he never tired of, watching her body climax. He was tempted to join her, but decided against it. This time was for her and her alone.

Kelly’s body writhed and vibrated as her pussy attempted to consume the paddle handle. She let out a cry that broke the quiet of the summer afternoon. Her nude body bucked and shook as her orgasm took control.

After it was over and she had caught her breath she opened her eyes and studied him as he had resumed his paddling. Her voice had returned to its typical softness and was just a whisper. “Thank you.”

“No, thank you!”

She looked up at the fluffy clouds and watched them drift. “Where are we going?”


“Am I still going to get punished?” There was a trace of concern in her voice.

“Of course.” He replied with a smile.

Kelly’s face relaxed. “Good, I was worried that you may have forgotten.”

“Of course I wouldn’t have forgotten to punish my slut.”

“I like being yours.” Kelly dipped her fingers in the lake, feeling the cool water. She held her hand up, and tried to let drops fall directly on to one nipple and then the other. “You make me feel — special.”

“You are, Kelly, more than you will ever know.”

“Can we do this again tomorrow?”

“Sure.” He answered. “But, you get to paddle and watch me play.”

Her eyes sparkled in the sun and her face glowed with her smile. “Promise?”

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