Wife Catches Us part 2

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Wife Catches Us part 2Wife catches us …Part 2The first part of this story explained my first experience with my neighbor Steve and his wife Mary. This is the continuation of the growing relationship between the three of us. I left Steve and Mary’s house after the first encounter confused but excited. The week flew by at work as I continued to think about the sexual encounter I had with Steve and Mary. On Friday evening, Steve showed up at my front door unannounced wearing just his gym shorts. Steve handed me a sealed note and he turned to walk away Steve said “I will see you tomorrow evening”. I walked backed into my house holding onto the note and confused. I opened the note which was a set of instructions for me to follow before showing up at their house on Saturday. I was instructed to be at their front door at 7pm sharp, to be cleaned shaven, cleaned out inside, freshly showered and to only be dressed in a pair of shorts and t-shirt. After reading the instructions, I started to wonder what was going to happen and am I really going to show. I had a few drinks and headed to bed. I awoke Saturday morning with a raging hard on. I did a few house chores in the morning and then found myself walking around a local gay leather and adult bookstore. I was not sure what I was looking for so I walked up to the sexy silver haired man behind the counter. I explained the situation, which surprised me. The man grabbed be by the shoulder and walked me over to the shower shot area. He handed me the exact thing I needed and as I was leaving the silver-haired man smiled, slapped me on the ass and whispered into my ear that he was available anytime for instructions. I get home and find myself overly excited for what is to come. I started prepping for the evening ahead and followed bursa escort the clerk’s advice. I completed my prepping with a clean shave of my cock and balls. I showered, dressed as instructed and walked over to Steve and Mary’s house. Steve answered the door with a smile and standing with nothing on but a jockstrap. Steve ushered me into the house and planted a kiss on my lips. He handed me a shot of tequila to calm my nerves and asked me if I was ready for what was to come. After downing the shot, I turned to Steve and said “Yes Sir!”. Steve grabbed me by the hand, lead me to the bedroom but before opening the door, he looked at me and told me at any time during the evening if I felt uncomfortable, I was to say “fire”. The activity would then stop. Steve came up close, whispered into my ear to relax and enjoy it. I lost all control and said “Yes Sir”. Steve opened the bedroom door and pushed me inside. He told me to walk up to the bed and turn to face him. Steve instructed me to strip and wait for inspection. Steve ran his hands over my dick and balls and told me I did a good job with the shaving. He placed his hands on my shoulders and forced me to my knees. Steve pulled his cock out and rubbed the head across my lips asking if I am ready. I looked up at him and again said yes sir. He shoved his soft cock into my mouth and started a slow rhythm fucking of my mouth. After a few minutes, Steve stood me up and then pushed me on to the bed. He slid me to the edge of the bed, hanging my head over it and re-entered my mouth. I was enjoying every minute of the face fucking when I felt his hands running up my chest to my nipples. Steve worked my nipples with soft and hard pinches completely driving me crazy. Steve sensed this and started really working escort bursa them. As I let out a moan, Steve shoved his hard cock all the way down my throat. Steve left it there and without warning I felt him pissing down my throat. I swallowed every drop and for the first time I have tasted another man’s piss. I almost stopped but decided to just give in and see where else the evening took me. After emptying his bladder, Steve pulled out and walked over to the nightstand. Steve pulled out a leather hood and put in on me. I could no longer see what or who was in the room. Steve leaned down and whispered into my ear, remember just say “fire” and I will stop it all. I then felt wrist cuffs being placed on and remembered the wonderful feeling from the first meeting and started relaxing. Steve raised my knees to my chest and I felt his tongue on my ass. I was moaning loudly as he is worked my ass like no one has ever done. I felt truly relaxed and opened when Steve replaced his tongue with his cock. Steve shoved his cock all the way in all at once. It was wonderful. Steve fucked me for who knows how long when I felt him shooting his first load up my ass. Steve went soft and slipped out of my ass. Steve released my wrists and told me to stand up. He takes me by the hand and walked me to another room. Steve placed me up against something in the middle of the room and had me lay down on my chest. Steve told me to lift up my right leg and then me left placing my knees on some type of support. My ass is now fully exposed to the room and I felt very vulnerable. Steve secures my wrists and ankles. There was no escaping now. I felt someone’s hands rubbing my ass checks and every once in a while, they would rub my already fucked hole. I start moaning and Steve leaned bursa escort bayan in close and said I knew you would like this. I felt someone at my head and Steve told me to open up. I did as I was told but this time the cock was a lot thicker. I started to panic but Steve whispers into my ear “just enjoy it”. Steve must know that jthe sound ofust his voice makes me become completely submissive to him because I relaxed and enjoyed the face fucking. I felt Steve working my ass and rubbing lube on my hole as the other cock continued the forceful fucking of my face. Steve lubed the inside of my hole with one, two and then three fingers. After a few minutes, Steve announced he is ready and the thick cock pulled out of my mouth and within seconds I felt him pushing at the entrance of my hole. The thick cock enters me and at the same time Steve shoves his cock down my throat. For the first time in my life, I am taking a cock up my ass and one in the mouth. The split roasting continues for about an hour with Steve and the other man taking turns fucking my ass and my mouth. The new man returns to my ass and reentered my ass with such force that Steve’s cock went all the way down my throat. The two men both shot their loads. I was high on cum, one in the mouth and the other up my ass. The thick cock was pulled out of my ass and I heard him thank Steve for being included in the breaking in of my ass. I was not sure how much more I could take then without warning, Mary whispered into my ears asking me if I was enjoying myself. All I could do was moan with ecstasy. Mary released the restraints and had me sit up. Mary removed the leather hood and hands a bottle of water and another shot of tequila. Mary lets me relax for about fifteen minutes or so and yells for Steve. Steve entered the room wear leather chaps and a leather harness. I almost fainted due to Steve’s appearance, fucking hot. Mary told Steve she knew I would like it and ordered me to put the hood back on and announced round 2. More to come.

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